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Thanks. I really enjoy my raw veggies!

1/25/14 3:24 P

Yes, there is "some" truth to this article regarding all the small amounts of chemical components contained in our foods, naturally.

Does it mean they are harmful in the amounts we consume in our produce daily. No!

Is there research to show that you will be healthier (or safer) if you only eat some veggies raw, and other veggies cooked, etc. No!

However, do we know that people who get very few fruits and veggies in their diet daily do increase risk for certain diseases and obesity. Yes

Bottom line....Enjoy your veggies...raw, steamed, stir-fry, sauté, blenderized, etc

your SP Registered Dietitian

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,681
1/25/14 2:01 P


Can you comment on this article? It was posted on another thread regarding green smoothies. Is there any research to support these assertions?

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