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THE_GOPHER Posts: 328
11/10/10 12:24 P

I prefer the texture of steel cut, but like you it's just too pricey for me. As far as I understand it, the nutritional benefits are the same as regular (not instant) oatmeal.

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CASJ57 Posts: 1,377
11/10/10 11:06 A

According to this site:

the nutrition benefits are the same. If you have a Trader Joe's near, I think the steel cut are more affordable.

BLUEJEANGRL80 Posts: 326
11/9/10 8:06 P

I heard steel cut oatmeal is more nutritious, can anyone tell me the differance between them and regular oatmeal -not instant? I've seen the steel cut oatmeal but pricy for me so I buy the regular.

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