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2/8/13 10:42 P

Thanks for the link to the USDA site explaining that. I always wondered about it.

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2/8/13 8:35 P

Thank you for that.

2/8/13 8:00 P

This link from the USDA has the answer to yiour question. It is not related to the fiber and sugar amount. Here is the explanation

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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2/8/13 5:53 P

It is my understanding that where it comes to carbs, the fibre and sugar content does NOT exceed the total carbs. Is this correct?

The reason I ask is that I was just checking out a food item (Feijoas) on the USDA site

and it shows "Carbohydrate, by difference" to be significantly lower than the fibre and sugar content combined. Is the "Carbohydrate, by difference" different to JUST carbs?


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