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11/29/13 12:46 P

I had a cocker spaniel who preferred bread to any food. He was so well behaved, but just couldn't control himself around bread. That was his one 'counter surfing' snatch. Had to be really careful with the bread in the house.

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11/29/13 12:27 P

Both of you have beautiful dogs.
And congrats on the upcoming puppies Blue.
It really is hard trying to keep our babies at a healthy weight. They look at you with those big brown puppy dog eyes and it's hard to say no to treats. But KFC twice a day? That's almost criminal.
Our dogs get a 2 inch piece of chicken jerky twice a day and the we actually measure out their dry dog food twice a day. Otherwise it's too easy to overfeed.
Madigan, out goldie/border mix is a carboholic. If she can get into the kitchen she will get into the bread drawer and eat every sliced of bread in the house. We have a baby gate to keep her out of the kitchen that we have had to chain shut to keep her from opening it. She is way to smart for her own good.

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11/29/13 12:05 P

My big Lab is pregnant and let me tell you she is hungry all the time. I feed her tons of raw veggies to fill her up ie. carrots, broccoli, cauliflower etc. She seems to love it except just a tad gassy every now and then but she is carrying 7 puppies in her belly!

I really have to watch her weight as I have had to do with all the Labs I have owned over the years otherwise the hips and knees are weakened in older years.

You can see my Lab on my SP page. Her name is Gem and her brother is Red (he was adopted at the age of 5) and he is 8 years. old.

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11/29/13 10:42 A

mom needs to put her 2 on a diet. I keep telling her she is just shortening their lives, but she won't stop giving them treats and table food (in addition to their regular meals)

a co-worker's dog had to have knee replacement surgery due to weight. That is just horrible!.

I have a Golden and I know that big dogs are prone to joint ailments. I do my best to keep him at a healthy weight, and keep him active (not much of a problem because he loves to play). DH is bad about overfeeding our dogs.
Our dog's treats are baby carrots. They love them, and I never have to be concerned about bad dog treats from other countries making my boys sick.

we inherited a Boston who was at one time very roly poly. Her owner would go to KFC twice a day to get a chicken breast to put on her food (she preferred original recipe). I told him he was killing her. When I went to his funeral and picked her up to bring home she'd been at a kennel long enough to get down to a healthy weight.

congrats on the pups!

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11/29/13 12:05 A

Just kidding! But I got your attention. Welcome to all new members. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Newbies, remember this is a journey to a healthier life style. It's changing how you think and how you eat and exercise. You can do this if you commit to be healthy, not to being skinny.

The puppies are now 11 days old. Mom and babies are gaining weight like crazy. Eyes are starting to open, they "swim" all over the whelping box and they are so fat that they have a hard time rolling over. Absolutely squee!
(FYI- this was an abandoned dog that we are fostering for a rescue group)

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