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2/4/13 11:57 P

With all training, make sure to take rest days!

As has been said. With Strength Training going to failure -- physically unable to do one more or even finish the current rep -- is a good thing.

With Cardio -- running, biking, swimming, ... -- it can be more beneficial to have less difficult workouts each week. Runners that hit it as hard as they can 6-7 times a week don't improve as quickly as runners that only run 4-5 times a week, and have a couple of "easy" runs.

When I say easy, I'm not talking sitting on the couch watching TV easy. I'm talking breathing at a pretty good rate, but can carry on a conversation one or two sentences at a time. When you get done with these "easy" workouts, you should feel like you could do more.

Posts: 380
2/4/13 8:37 P

For me it depends on my attitude, my energy level, my environment, and level of hydration. There are days where I feel like I can go forever and days like today, where I'm not sure I can keep running for even 30 minutes. Having a negative attitude is my worst enemy.

For weightlifting I do better when my husband is with me because I don't want to seem like a total wuss. On my good days I will go until my muscles are on fire! (those are the best days). If I'm cranky I just do the bare minimum LOL.

Speaking of that I need to make a new uplifting playlist for Wednesday!

Posts: 5,922
2/4/13 5:14 P

I am careful with that due to having arthritis. But I do push it when my body is feeling good. Most of the time I can push it.......but then there are moments on my treadmill when my knee hurts so I back off a little. I always push it at weight lifting class.

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2/4/13 3:23 P

Every time I work out.

What you're asking is tough to answer, because that means different things to different people. For me, it means that I always challenge myself, lifting weights to fatigue and pushing the cardio until my heart pounds.

But by the same token, I take care of my body. I make sure I have adequate fuel, and listen to my body when it's telling me that it's had enough. I take rest days, and am careful not to overtrain.

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2/4/13 11:22 A

There are many exercises I do until absolute failure. For instance pushups, situps and pullups. I regularly perform those exercises until my body is unable to perform one more rep. I will do multiple sets like that. I don't stop just at discomfort here either. If I can get one pushup and im shaking and its really really slow, ill do another, until I hit that point where I am halfway up and i am making 0 progress no matter how hard I exert. Sometimes ill drop to my knees at this point and keep going until I can't do any pushups from the knees as well.

When its cardio I do it more controlled than that. I like to monitor my heart rate and at least one workout a week I will sustain my max heart rate for as long as I am able. This is extremely uncomfortable and I am sure to do a long/slow warm up and cool down. I back off when I reach the point where I think I might vomit, thats my trigger for when I've had enough.

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2/4/13 9:21 A

That's a very subjective question. Can you be more specific?

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2/4/13 8:02 A

How far do you push your body outside your comfort zone?

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