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8/13/11 10:46 P

I do push ups and sit ups pretty regularly in the Army and when I haven't been doing them in a while I have to take it easy and rest between days. Make sure you stretch a lot in between workouts. Right now I can do about 25 but I need to get back up to 50 pretty soon. I am using a Application on my smart phone that uses the pyramid method (uses sets that start off low, then go higher then lower again. ex. 8,9,10,9,8). It's free and very worth it!

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8/13/11 2:19 P

Thanks lol yes I dont think thats a team I would fit in. Good luck!

8/13/11 2:11 P

Thanks, Coach Jen! And, LarryA5, it is the Colorado Christian Women Spark team where we are doing this ... So mybe you'll want to post it as a challenge on one of your teams, or post a blog and encourage others to join you! Good luck in working your way back up!

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8/13/11 10:54 A

What team has this challenge? Id love to join! "back in the day" I could do 1000 a day. now im lucky to do 5. Sounds like a great way to build up again.

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8/13/11 10:10 A

If you are fatiguing your muscles by doing these exercises (meaning the last push up you do is the last one you can do in proper form), then yes, you'd want to rest your upper body in between those workouts.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

8/13/11 8:41 A

A team member told us about a push up challenge she read about on Yahoo! Week One you do one push up/day. Week Two you do 2/day. Week 3, 3/day, etc. Goal is to increase strength & endurance. For some of our team, doing a full, on the floor, on your toes pushup is new. I encouraged people to start where they are and listen to their bodies. The question came up, does this challenge hurt us by daily strength workout for this part of the body? Should we still apply the 'rest a day between strength workouts rule? so, Coaches, please help us out here! And Thanks for being here for us to ask!

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