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CAROKNITS Posts: 489
6/21/10 8:10 A

Thanks! Knowing there are two styles of push-ups helps. My husband is pointing me towards the military-style, and my body prefers the standard style. I'm happy knowing there's not a 'wrong' and I can just aim for what seems most doable at this point.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/21/10 1:27 A

Um ... pushups don't work the biceps. All pushups work the tri's, but the military style of elbows close to the body puts more focus on the tri's than the normal style.

Pushups can't work your biceps. It's a move in the wrong direction. :)

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6/20/10 9:49 P

It depends on the type of push up. Standard push ups the elbow is more out to the side. Military, they are close to the body and point back.

It matters in that different arm placement can make the push up easier or harder. (Try doing a standard push up, then simply moving your hands out on either side 4 inches - you'll feel the difference). They also work different muscles. A standard push up works primarily the chest and biceps. A military push up work the triceps as well.

BREEVES3 Posts: 1,355
6/20/10 5:48 P

Nancy beat me to it, I was going to suggest checking out the exercise demos and see what they suggest.

Here's one:

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6/20/10 5:47 P

Below is a link that may help you with your question.

I hope this helps!


CAROKNITS Posts: 489
6/20/10 5:36 P

I'm working on learning to do push-ups, but cannot seem to find the proper place to put one's elbows. I know they're supposed to be at a 90 degree angle at the bottom, but I tend to stick my elbows out to the side and someone else has said they should point back towards the toes.

Does it make a difference? I'm only half-way to doing a full push-up, but I'd hate to do One Real Push-Up, and then learn I was doing it wrong.

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