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8/6/13 12:17 P

As some of the others have stated, 30 minutes out of 2 hrs seems a little too low. My brother was in Taekwondo for a number of years and, like you said, the length of the class and what you do in each class can vary. One day you could be going through movements for your belt level, you could be sparring (sp?), etc. I guess, a lot depends on what you were doing. This is one of those things that would be difficult to track. I mean, you're there for a given amount of time but you're not actually going through the movements the entire time. Maybe track only when you're actually doing the Taekwondo related activities (i.e. moving, sparring). I think that a lot depends on what your belt level is at this time. I'd assume that when you're a black belt, you'd be having more intense classes when compared to the purple belt or white belt.

As a side note, my dad did Taekwondo for a bit and he had to bow to my brother because my brother was a higher belt. They sparred a few times. I remember my dad huffing and puffing after going up against my brother.

Anyway, I guess, for Taekwondo, it probably is better to under estimate the calories burned because of the variation in classes.

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8/6/13 11:47 A

I always under track my excercise and over track my food.

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I would try to guesstimate how far you ran (1 mile?) and track it, how long you did jumping jacks (5minutes?) and track it, how long on abs (10 min?) etc. OR lump this all together and log half an hour of circuit training or something, and then log approx. how long you were actively doing the tae kwan do. It's all an estimate anyway, especially when you're not using an HRM.

I don't know if I would say I do it on purpose, but I err on the side of caution by rounding down when reporting my exercise and rounding up when I measure my food.

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8/6/13 9:52 A

I would definitely rather under-estimate than over, but I agree with M@L; 30 mins out of 2 hours seems to be WAY too low.

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8/5/13 11:31 P

While there is good reason to be conservative in your time estimates (as you say, there is some time spent standing), 30 minutes of activity in a 2 hour class sounds TOO conservative.

I would have thought that 1-1.5 hours of activity for a 2 hour class was more likely? Obviously you were at the class, and I wasn't, so I really am only stabbing in the dark here.


8/5/13 9:08 P

I do tae kwon do three times a week and classes vary what we're doing and how long they are (depending on how much the instructor feels like running long). It ranges from an hour to two hours with Wednesday being the shortest because I don't stick around for sparring.

But I always get mixed up about how I track my class. I never wear my fitbit for class, mostly because I don't want to get punched where I'm wearing it or thrown and fall on it, etc etc. It's the only exercise I track on sparkpeople. But I never know how much.

Today, for example, we ran long. 2 hour class. Started with laps, jumping jacks, pushups (oh god, the pushups) and sit ups, before getting into stretching kicks, punching, and then attacking kicks. We did drills on the pads. One minute of kicking or punching drills and then switching with our partners.

Now, there is some standing around time, mostly when our instructor is lecturing or demonstrating.

For this two hour class, I put in 30 minutes of tae kwon do into the tracker. It tells me about 370 calories burned.

I have no way of knowing exactly what I'm burning but I'd rather stick to the low side than the high.

And I cannot wear a heart rate monitor in class. For one, I can't have a visible watch and two the strap will get kicked or punched at some point.

Thoughts? Similar stories? Advice?

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