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9/17/12 9:45 A

There is no magic pill. Green coffee bean extract won't make you lose tons of weight or anything. There's no evidence at all that it works (what early studies have been done are not compelling) and the jury's still out.

I think the reviews on got such products speak for themselves.

Don't look for an easy way out. There isn't one. If there was, we'd all be doing it, and we wouldn't need Sparkpeople at all. Taking an unregulated herbal supplement will not make you start shedding pounds with no effort at all. If it was truly that effective, it would be patented by the drug companies and being sold in massive quantities for lots of money in drug stores everywhere!

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9/17/12 9:42 A

I would save your money because products like these are not proven to help take weight off and more importantly, keep it off. Your best bet is to stick with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you decide to take it, please talk to your doctor first to see how this could interact with your medications.

Coach Jen

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9/17/12 7:51 A

Has anybody tried this? I had no jittery feelings,sleep problems (more than usual) or nothing BUT I lost inches and wasn't hungry like usual. I'm on new medicine now and don't want to try it with my new meds just yet. The first week though,I did LOSE 7 lbs. I don't know how because I did no excersise or nothing. I saw it on Dr. Oz and also Woman's World Magazine. Give me some feed back please.

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