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1/14/12 7:34 A

I think that is it!!! Thank you!

I have a physical Monday, so I will ask the Doc about it, but I think I am just upsetting it because of the crunches ;-)

Seeing as it goes back to normal, I will still try to do them :-)

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1/14/12 6:34 A

Have you just suddenly become aware of your rectus abdominus?

I once heard a story about someone going to the doctor about a "mass" under her boobs, which turned out to be ab definition.

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1/13/12 10:59 P

It doesn't really hurt, except when it twists. Once it flips back again, it is just normal "work out" feelings.

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1/13/12 10:13 P

Sounds strange. Is it discomfort or pain?

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1/13/12 10:10 P

Hi Beth,

Unfortunately none of our members or experts are in a position to even take a guess as to what you are experiencing. If you belong to a gym you may want to speak with one of the certified personal trainers on staff to do a fitness assessment.

That being said, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, you may want to hold off doing that exercise.

Coach Nancy

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1/13/12 10:03 P

Ok, this is such a dumb question...but, I seem to know nothing about anatomy. When doing cruches, I keep pulling a muscle that is at the top of my stomach at the bottom of my boobs (ir runs the width of my body). It feels like it is flipping or twisting and then it goes back to normal.

Is this normal?

What can I do to stop it?

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