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1/3/14 1:09 P

I have no idea what pseudogout is. I have gout, but haven't had a flare-up in almost 2 years. There is a gout team on SP ( All About Gout ), but not too many members, and not a lot of activity. Most people become active during a, or if some scientific study comes out, which is rare.

I eat low carb, and this works for me. I eat chicken, and have cut protein down to 20-25%, and avoid pork, and turkey, as well as sauces, and sugar. Pop especially causes gout flare-ups for me. I limit red meat to 1-2 meals a week. Game meat causes flare-ups for me also ( venison ).

I do walk 45-60 minutes a day, and sometimes play basketball, all without any issues, but we all vary, both in causes of flare-ups, and whether exercise is one of those reasons. It really is a trial and error thing. Most of the stuff I got from my doctor, and read online, was b.s. When I followed it, I had flare-ups every week. Meat is supposed to be bad, but I eat about a lb. a day with no issues.

I would think anything that bounces the joint might be an issue. I stick to swimming and bike riding in the summer, and walking all year long. The only thing I do that stresses my joints is the basketball, which is a rare form of exercise for me. I do resistance band exercises, and some light dumbbell work also.

If you plan on doing fitness classes, or running, then you might want to take it slow. Anything with repetitive shocks to the joints. Hopefully, it doesn't become an issue. Good Luck.

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1/3/14 11:49 A

Just curious if anyone has pseudogout. I was diagnosed with it two years ago and if effects my joints. I am starting to exercise again and I am afraid they will start to flare up. Does anyone have this and has suggestions on what to eat or what exercises to do to minimize any joint flare ups?

I have done extensive research online but no one seems to have much information about it.

Just thought I would ask since this community is so large.



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