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SASSYSMS1 Posts: 43
7/31/12 2:22 A

That is awesome Happiness!! You are doing great. I am down to one Coke Zero a day. It was definitely hard but I feel better making it to this point. Keep it up!!!

VESUVIOUS SparkPoints: (27,345)
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7/31/12 2:15 A

Way to go!!!!

AJWALKLEY Posts: 504
7/30/12 6:53 P

Why aren't you? From your status bar it looks like you're doing well!

AJWALKLEY Posts: 504
7/30/12 6:53 P

Moderation is KEY! That's a good way to go about it so you don't relapse back into old eating habits completely. Good for you! Keep it up!


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7/29/12 9:36 P

i wish i was proud of myself..

HAPPINESSX101 Posts: 89
7/29/12 9:22 P

I am trying to lose weight by cutting out junk food and soda. I did have one soda last night, but I can't go all or nothing. I have to do it slowly. I cut out junk food though. Well I got on the scale today and in a week I lost 3 pounds. Lets see how well i do this week.
I'm so happy and hope I can stay motivated.

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