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NIN_RENAMARTIN SparkPoints: (16,956)
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12/17/12 1:06 P

Thank you too!

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12/17/12 12:50 P


MPETERSON2311 Posts: 5,079
12/17/12 11:57 A

emoticon I have been an on and off again Sparkmember for years and my biggest piece of advice to any newcomer is READ The Spark book. It helps the website and all the features totally come to life and motivates you to use the tools properly.

Let me know if I can help in any way! Good luck!

NIN_RENAMARTIN SparkPoints: (16,956)
Fitness Minutes: (11,314)
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12/17/12 11:45 A

Thanks for your words of encouragement...u know it takes more than luck...hahaha!

SCRAPPINPOLLY SparkPoints: (84,978)
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12/17/12 11:43 A

I had RNY gastric bypass and have to get my protein in daily. I don't do the shakes either. Good luck to you!

MIAJOEB SparkPoints: (205,432)
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12/17/12 10:46 A

Maintenance is quite a balancing act.
There are many articles about maintaining your lost weight.
Good luck with your protein plan but do not forget vegetables.
My son and his wife are on Atkins every Christmas and always have plenty of vegetables to have with their protein. It is part of the plan.. They have kept from gaining over the years.
They have been married for 14 years this march.
They fit in their wedding costumes... they were dressed in Edwardian ( 1900 era ) costumes.
They are very theatrical.

Hope this encourages you to keep on with your plan..
Maria emoticon

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
12/17/12 10:43 A

Hey welcome along to Sparkpeople, there are lots of ideas for high protein food in the recipies pages and if you do a search of the Sparkteams you will probably find groups dedicated to a protein diet. Best of luck and Happy Christmas!!

VEUVEGIRL Posts: 23,999
12/17/12 10:39 A

Welcome to Spark! Use the message board about diet and nutrition to get you through!

NIN_RENAMARTIN SparkPoints: (16,956)
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12/17/12 10:23 A

Hi, I've done this before but this time I'm committed. My family doctor suggested I try it last year and just couldn't do it. For some reason this time of the year works for me. I'm or was borderline diabetic and it's in my family! I love this diet because I'm never hungry like I use to get "I would be a !"#$#S!" If I don't get my next food or meal. My protien is from real food and not those drinks or shakes I would have to buy! I eat alot of cheese! I've lost 10 pounds and feel great! My doctor said I could lose fast...more than normal but be careful can gain it fast too. When I reach my goal is what I'm worried about a bit and he told me not to worry too much.

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