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POPSECRET SparkPoints: (78,840)
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2/12/13 11:53 A

I like to snack on hard boiled eggs, yogurt, or cottage cheese on some whole wheat crackers.

Fat free refried beans (or whole beans) and a little cheese and whatever veggies you like make a great quesadilla. Top with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Oh...and one of my new breakfasts is "protein eggs". Heat up some frozen spinach in a pan and crack an egg and an egg white into it. As it starts to firm up, add in 1/4 cup cottage cheese (i like chive) and some spices (garlic, onion powder, red pepper, ect) and let the liquid cook out. Top with marinara sauce and a little parmesan cheese. I've also added italian chicken sausage to this too...yummm.

TINYCURLS Posts: 401
2/12/13 11:38 A

Tofu, soy burgers and greek yogurt.

MBEHNKEN Posts: 610
2/12/13 9:39 A

I agree with the big fat juicy steak!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,337)
Fitness Minutes: (85,768)
Posts: 2,489
2/12/13 9:30 A

Egg whites. (you can make egg white omeletes w/veggies)
Whey protein powder (I add it to oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, baked goods)
Cottage cheese (makes a nice snack with fruit, a side or can be used in recipes like pancakes with egg whites).
Black beans
Flaxseed and nuts (have a little bit of protein, it helps)
Whole grains (have higher protein than refined grains/whole wheat)
Greek yogurt (higher protein than reg. yogurt. I eat it with fruit/granola, as sour cream, as sauce on meats, in smoothies, a vanilla Greek yogurt makes a great salad dressing).
I usually eat 2 servings of meat a day.
I have a serving of low fat cheese (cottage, low fat chedder, ricotta, parmesan).
Milk or soy milk (in cereal, in oatmeal, in recipes)

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,906)
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Posts: 9,707
2/12/13 9:08 A

A big fat juicy steak.

Seriously, I'm never short on protein. ;)

CATE195 Posts: 4,004
2/12/13 7:29 A

eggs, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, string cheese for a snack, and an occasional lean steak or pork chop split with my husband

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/12/13 7:23 A

chicken thighs, and eggs. Some proteins are better than others. They are complete in that they have reasonable levels of all the essential amino acids. Many of the suggested protein sources here lack several of these, so if you want to use beans or yogurt, you may need to have 4-5 sources of protein, just to get your amino acids.

2/12/13 4:20 A

I'm not all that keen on meat, and it's really expensive in England, so my protein count on my tracking as been low at times.
If I'm not keeping up, I have a salad or a sandwich with lots of tuna (in water) for lunch, or I make myself an omelette for dinner. I also eat quite a lot of Cathedral city low fat cheese.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
2/12/13 3:57 A

Beef jerky is a good snack for protein. The one I am munching on has less than 100 calories per serve, 11g of protein and less than 1 gram of fat. 450mg of sodium tho, but as long as you limit your sodium for the rest of the day you should be good to go

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (108,466)
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2/11/13 11:27 P

Greek yogurt and cottage cheese (but not Yoplait yogurt), reduced fat cheese, chicken, hummus, tofu, and eggs

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
2/11/13 8:30 P

Eggs and smoothies....not eggs in smoothies though...

I like adding a protein powder, like Hemp to my smoothies. I usually usetofuas well and the two combined make a good amount of protein.

CARLY241 Posts: 189
2/11/13 8:22 P

eggs & lean meats

COTTERR SparkPoints: (11,405)
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Posts: 112
2/11/13 8:18 P

I'm with the others: chicken, eggs, beans, lentils, greek yogurt, light soy milk. String cheese is also a good option.

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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2/11/13 3:13 P

chicken and eggs.

2/11/13 2:30 P

Chicken, fish, eggs, kefir, Greek yogurt, whey protein powder.

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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2/11/13 2:19 P

My faves include eggs, quinoa, fat free greek yogurt, low fat cheese, cheese stings, laughing cow cheese and cottage cheese, sardines, clams and oysters, shrimp, salmon, tillapia, cooked chicken added to all sorts of things, 1% milk, protein powder, small servings of nuts and nut butters, chia seeds, hemp seeds.

Tip: As soon as I buy some fresh chicken breasts, I grill them up on my George Foreman and voila, I have cooked chicken breast to cut up and use for all sorts of things such as salads, quesedillas, wraps, soups, stir frys, sandwiches, enchilladas or even on it's own on the go.

I will sometimes combine protein powder with some greek yogurt, milk and even an egg white along with some berries, banana, chia seeds and spinach for a smoothie on a day when I'm haivng trouble meeting my protein needs for a power protein hit.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/11/13 2:02 P

Lean meat/poultry/fish/shellfish is the easiest way. Canned tuna (packed in water) has lots of protein but not so many calories.

Nuts are pretty good (i.e. peanut butter) but these you need to measure carefully and consume in moderation due to high calorie content.

Switching from highly refined items to whole-wheat will add protein (example: 1 oz of whole wheat bread has more than 2x the protein of 1 oz of white). These little changes add up.

Beans have good protein. Though i will admit it can be hard to get the daily suggested protein intake on beans alone, when eating a reduced-calorie diet! But you can sneak them into lower-protein foods (i.e. instead of having a cup of white rice - 4 grams of protein), make "rice and beans" (half cup rice plus half cup pinto beans = 9 grams of protein - with roughly the same calories as just the plain rice).

Eggs and dairy. A couple fried eggs on a piece of whole wheat toast, topped with 1/2 oz shredded cheese and some salsa = some good protein to start off your day (plus, tasty!)

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
2/11/13 1:51 P

My sources: eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, dark greens, nuts, lentils, sardines.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/11/13 1:48 P

Mine come from nuts, nut butters and greens. Lots and lots of greens

LYNNLY76 SparkPoints: (525)
Fitness Minutes: (313)
Posts: 11
2/11/13 1:45 P

I'm trying to increase the amount of protein I eat but I'm having a really hard time! What's your favorite way to add protein to your diet?

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