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I agree with Beckys article and I use a concept in denmark- the ratios I get fit into sparkspeople and is middle of the road safe info.. The concept I use in denmark doesn't change anything without accept from a research doctor whom studies obesity..

I can get my totals in fat down but I ain't going into competitions so middle of the road also suits me.. How much weight I lift at the gym does the final improvements on my body..

Mimic sparkspeoples menus suggestions and change to another item similar if you don't like keeping in mind fat and sugar % on packages.. I used these to improve my ratios and not other peoples mindsets..

I wasn't even aware of HRM or pedometers before I lost my 176lbs.. I learned by plate mechanics and paid attention to what the experts actually put in terms of amounts on the plate.. A food scales also hit the fact home to portion distortion issues alot of people refuse to accept exist..

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3/16/12 5:02 P

SP uses the percentage guidelines for protein, fat and carbs from the Dietary Reference Intakes from the Institute of Medicine. We do set a minimal amount for protein of 60 grams for females and 75 grams for males since weight loss research does show that it helps maintain muscle mass and promote satiety. This SP articles gives all the details:

Let me know if you have more questions on this.
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3/16/12 2:36 P

How do you feel after eating protein ? I feel full longer so try to eat my daily requirement. If I eat over the Spark amount I find I eat too much fat. I find it difficult to balance the proper amount of carbs, fat, protein.

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3/16/12 2:30 P

I thought I read somewhere that the USDA recommended less protein, but SP gave a higher minimum because research has shown that dieters consuming more protein lose more weight because they ?stay full longer?. I also thought I heard on public radio sometime recently that this mattered more for women but had little effect on men. I cannot find a citation on SP for any of this.

Is there a way to exclude message boards and just search professional content? Thanks!

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