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DONNAOD Posts: 1
10/5/11 3:21 P

Cottage cheese on salad is great!! I also mix a tablespoon or so of fruit jelly into my cottage cheese. Delicious!

VEGAN4THEWIN SparkPoints: (0)
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8/1/11 9:39 P

I read that you said your sister isn't getting enough protein because she's VEGAN.... well, being vegan for over 3 years, I can honestly tell you that this is a false fact. Even the myth that "okay okay, so you get protein, but no complete proteins" is a bust. Soy beans are a complete protein. Also, if you combine the right two incomplete proteins together (say... a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread or beans and rice) they actually form a complete protein and you get the same benefits. Just about everything contains protein, most americans consume too much protein actually.

LEITEIT Posts: 107
7/20/11 9:18 A

I would suggest a protein powder. That way you would get pure protein, avoidi some foods that are rich in protein but in fat as well. I think we cannot be afraid of supplements! They can help a lot, depending on your lifestyle and objectives.

FELIFISH26 Posts: 171
7/19/11 6:27 P

I recently read from yahoo buzz- linked to a health site (forget which one) emoticon

...if you eat a snack that contains protein between 3PM-4PM ex: protein bar, low fat cheese, almonds with an apple. It does wonders for your metabolism! ! I found this especially helpful for my workouts after work !

KLEE_ADS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/11 6:08 P

I found this helpful link that shows popular choices for protein--im a vegetarian so many of these don't apply to me...but it shows what we may choose (ex. peanuts over almonds) but how almonds are the "winner" as a source of protein over peanuts !

KLEE_ADS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 11
7/19/11 6:04 P

I found this helpful link that shows popular choices for protein--im a vegetarian so many of these don't apply to me...but it shows what we may choose (ex. peanuts over almonds) but how almonds are the "winner" as a source of protein over peanuts !

KLEE_ADS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 11
7/19/11 5:52 P

I found this helpful link that shows popular choices for protein--im a vegetarian so many of these don't apply to me...but it shows what we may choose (ex. peanuts over almonds) but how almonds are the "winner" as a source of protein over peanuts !

CURLYGIRL728 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/18/11 9:37 A

Look for whole wheat bread that's fortified with protein and fiber. I recommend Brownberry Health-full variety. 4-5g protein 5g fiber. I also start every morning off with a non-fat greek yogurt 13-14g protein.
Another great option is egg whites. No fat, low calorie, pure protein.
If you're in more of a hurry Kashi go lean cereals also have tons of protein.

It's easy to knock out 20g of protein in the morning with good choices. It also helps to keep you full.

Beans play a huge role in my diet. There are many great chili recipes out there that are virtually fat free and packed with protein.
Edamame or shelled soybeans. A delicious veggie that often comes in steam ready bags. A whopping 17g of protein in one cup :)

Also, I highly recommend veggie burgers/meatless meat products. Many are low fat with a serious serving of protein. Plus, if you eat them on Brown-berry toast that's an extra 10g protein :)

Hope this was helpful and good luck :)

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
7/17/11 11:37 P

Just some ideas:

If you are having a salad add some chickpeas, tuna and feta (just my fave!) to make it a meal. Add a boiled egg and you have 4 sources of protein on one salad!

Hummus on cruskits

Glass of low fat milk

And of course eat lean meats

7/17/11 11:00 P

Plain Greek yogurt has a lot of protein! I also try to get a lot pf protein daily, more than my daily allowance because I do at least 1 hour of cardio a day and also take a weight lifting class 2x a week. I buy IsoPure protein powder and/or already made drinks at GNC - zero carbs!

MICHELE142 SparkPoints: (230,178)
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Posts: 15,760
7/17/11 10:01 P

There are several shakes with protein in markets and health food stores. the health food stores also have protin powder. I use either glucerna or Boost Glucose Control. I get mine from Krogers, Walmart or Walgreens, and powder at HealthFoods Unlimited.

Hope this helps, Oh, Cottage Cheese is a good source of protein. I have trouble with protein myself, I'm either over or under never where I should be.

Good Luck!

CWRIGHT53 Posts: 10
7/17/11 3:01 P

Hi! I seem to have a struggle to get enough protein most days as well. Every day I am trying to get more, but then usually end up going over on my carbohydates or fats. Are there any "protein pills" I could get emoticon

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NBETTYB SparkPoints: (14,517)
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7/14/11 7:41 A

I have the same protein problem, and I'm not a vegetarian. Have just bought some low fat cottage cheese to add in as a snack.

01DIVEY Posts: 145
7/14/11 4:59 A

if you have say, 2-3 eggs with toast (or egg whites) and a glass of milk for breakfast,
chicken breast and brown rice for lunch (or baked potato and tuna?)
Peanut butter bagel for a snack,
then some sort of meat with your dinner
id say you'd easily be hitting 100+ grams of protein per day. easy!

MICHELE142 SparkPoints: (230,178)
Fitness Minutes: (211,794)
Posts: 15,760
7/13/11 10:41 P

Glad to know I'm not the only one having problems with protein. Like the suggestions on the protein shakes and cottage cheese.

Thanks a bunch.

7/13/11 10:18 P

Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to know I'm not in this alone; and it's tough changing one's lifestyle and eating habits! SP - thanks for the comraderie and support!!!

LIORAA Posts: 77
7/13/11 12:46 P

I'm not a vegetarian so I never pay special attention, but really I only eat meat once or twice a week so I probably should. I NEVER get enough protein. Even though I eat a lot of peanuts. SparkPeople's made me realize I'm not getting nearly enough, even if some people think the requirement listed here is high.

I definitely need to find some low fat high protein foods. I'm going to have to go stock up on dry roasted edamame, and I'll try everyone's cottage cheese idea too, thanks =)

RESA9701 Posts: 20
7/13/11 11:41 A

I worry about protein since I'm a vegetarian, but I've had no problem being in my protein range the last couple days (I've just returned to meticulous nutrition tracking). Soy milk, eggs, almonds (natural), beans, lentils, low fat dairy... these are all good protein sources and easy to incorporate into your diet.

7/13/11 10:25 A

When I was more "hardcore" about keeping to my calorie intake and exercise, I would buy protein mix and make a shake for breakfast each morning with fresh fruit. I always hit my suggested protein range each day, but got tired of drinking the shake so stopped. I'll probably start it up again soon, as I noticed a big difference in my weight loss and muscle gain when I hit the right amount.

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MRSJERRYBUSH Posts: 10,490
7/13/11 9:07 A

I solved my protein problem with cottage cheese. Almost always hit the mark now.

7/12/11 10:33 P

I'm late on this message board; but I just bought some EAS Vanilla Soy Protein Powder and added it to my chocolate milk for dinner; what a great protein boost! Beware; it also has calories and carbs it is not a "0" food! I also am adding milled flax seed to my dietary choices. Both items seem to have some flexibility in how they can be used; and provide some real positive benefits within my food selections. A real test - can you stand the taste alone? I like things that taste good! These passed that test.

5/31/11 10:03 P

Hi everyone!
I'm also having the problem that if I eat the right amount of protein, I'm way too high on fat, and if eat the right amount of fat, I'm way too low on protein. I am a vegetarian, so does anyone have any suggestions for someone who's a vegetarian and really doesn't like yogurt? I've tried eating about 2 cups of cottage cheese and drinking 3 cups of milk a day, but even that crazy amount of dairy doesn't seem to be helping much. I've always been told beans and nuts are great, but nuts are loaded with fat and beans with calories. Are there specific types of either that are any better? Also, my sister is not on this website, but she's a vegan and definitely not getting enough protein. Any suggestions for her?
Thanks! :)

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BEACHBUMMAMA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 15
5/2/11 10:56 A

I am also having trouble with my protein versus fat intake. I am way over in fat ans way under in protein. I can eat yogurt, I have been eating a lot of Greek yogurt, but I cannot drink milk so I am concerned I might develop an intolerance to yogurt also.
I was going to look into protein powders or even something like slim fast, I just don't know anything about them and want to know if there are certain ones I should avoid. Thanks for your help.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,227
5/2/11 9:38 A

Online Now  • ))
Do you eat yogurt? If so, Greek yogurt is higher in protein than typical "American" yogurt. Common brands are Fage, Athenos, and Chobani. An 8 ounce serving of Vanilla Chobani 0% fat has 120 calories and 16 grams of protein. An 8 ounce serving of plain Fage 0% has120 calories and 20 grams of protein. The plain Greek yogurts are a little sour tasting but adding some fruit helps sweeten it a bit.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/2/11 9:27 A

see "meat"

5/2/11 1:53 A

You can find recipes for protein muffins through google (I posted my favorite here:
il.asp?recipe=1619418&ff=1, but I know there's lots of others out there.) Generally, adding egg whites to recipes will add protein without adding fat. If I know I'll be low in protein for the day, I'll stir an egg white or two into my oatmeal in the morning right before I take it off the stove (stir really well so it gets mixed in.) I can't taste it and it really ups the protein.

If you're willing to try protein powder, my go-to treat right now is 1-2 scoops vanilla powder blended with 1/2 cup of milk (I use soy milk) and ~1 cup of frozen fruit (I love blueberries and strawberries, and I'll add banana sometimes.) Let it blend so it gets really thick and creamy--to me it tastes like ice cream with more protein and next to no fat depending on your protein powder.

UGOOGLY SparkPoints: (7,014)
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Posts: 211
5/1/11 10:50 P

I was having troubles with this (protein/fat ratio) as well not too long ago.

I looked up how body builders eat and started eating like them. And whaddya know? My fat intake has gone down and my lean protein up! And I might mention, I'm fuller MUCH longer now and my snack portions have gone down in size cus I"m not as hungry :)

Chicken with sweet potato and a green veggie, tuna melts (low fat, fat free cheese. I'm a big fan of part skim mozz) on whole wheat (rice cakes for me since I'm gluten intolerant). Protein shakes help and portion control of good fats (1 tbsp of ev olive oil, 1/4 avocado etc).

Cutting out processed foods and eating whole foods has helped tremendously :)

I will add, I usually eat around 1700-2000 cals a day and am LOSING weight from this 'clean eating'!!!

DISCOVERLLH Posts: 1,725
5/1/11 9:25 P

My problem is that I seem to max out on the fat grams before I hit my protein range. I'd appreciate any more suggestions for high protein /low fat protein sources beyond the Greek yogurt and milk mentioned already.

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UGOOGLY SparkPoints: (7,014)
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Posts: 211
5/1/11 8:22 P

I'm a big fan of making my own protein bars.

Just made this today and it is DEVINE!!!

I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta though, and a vegan protein powder instead of whey (not a big fan of protein drinks but I love to bake with them!)

TRUDYFOODY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 75
5/1/11 12:21 P

Taking protein rich foods such as fish, meat, dairy, nuts and soy products can help you increase your protein intake.

MRSJERRYBUSH Posts: 10,490
5/1/11 10:56 A

All good comments! Interesting because I also fall short. I've been adding Jillian's protein powder.

SEANSMOM31 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,685)
Posts: 304
5/1/11 10:42 A

Whey protein or protein isolate for those sensative to dairy help after exercise.They also help you feel full Take care

WOLFSPIRITMOM SparkPoints: (89,665)
Fitness Minutes: (71,898)
Posts: 7,700
5/1/11 9:36 A

Try using a cross filtered whey powder. That can add 17-25 grams. Use it after you exercise. Or/and with a healthy breakfast.

KAORUSTALKER30 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,722)
Posts: 401
5/1/11 8:56 A

1) Meat. Lunch and Dinner should have at least 3 oz. of some sort of Meat (3 oz. typically gives you 20 - 25g of Protein). Fish, Turkey, Chicken are all mostly just protein, while beef and pork also have the fat factors so go lean.

2) Dairy. As mentioned already, Greek Yogurt has like 14g+ of Protein per serving (though, it is an acquired taste). Milk is also a nice source with 8g.

3) Nuts and Nut Butters. Peanut Butter typically has 7-8g of Protein per 2 Tbsp, so you can guess that the nuts themselves are just as effective on the Protein front.

I've never had a problem getting 60g of Protein - what I had a problem with, is getting the 85g+ that I'm supposed to. Which is when I turned to Whey Isolate Protein Powders (I use Biochem's All Natural) and Clif Builder's Bars (I love these).

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RUFUSRIO Posts: 234
5/1/11 1:17 A

The spark range tends to be quite high compared to other sites.

JENDA9138 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 348
5/1/11 1:02 A

greek yogurt is a great source, also cottage cheese.
Both high protein without the high fat!

SILVETTE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,835)
Posts: 266
5/1/11 12:58 A

My husband uses 'Designer Whey protein powder' to meet his protein goals, now (he just started) - a serving is 1 scoop with 100 calories (low compared to other brands) and 18g of protein.)

5/1/11 12:20 A

My two weak spots are protein and fiber. When I get to the end of my day and am short in both I head for the Kashi go lean cereal. 1 cup for a snack just dry while watching tv and I am usually in my range for protein and fiber. Good Luck

HGSGUY SparkPoints: (175,012)
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Posts: 2,637
4/29/11 8:52 P

I bump it up sometimes with a low calorie protein bar that is food, not a supplement. This helps on days when protein is low. Really helps with not feeling hungry. I was just on a trip and it was just the thing to get me through the flight and out of the airport to healthier food!

4/29/11 8:40 P

I seem to always have plenty of protein without really trying.

As a previous Weight Watcher, my goal has always been to drink 2 cups of skim milk a day. I love the stuff, so there's a source of protein that I don't even think about. I have to have a protein with my breakfast, or I get hungry too soon. So it's either egg beaters or greek yogurt. At lunch or at dinner I always have a protein - usually chicken or tuna on a salad or sandwich and at dinner sometimes more of the same.

I have had this come up at Weight Watcher meetings over the years, and it totally puzzles me. I've been counting cal, fat, fiber and protein for a year now, and with starting SP I am counting carbs too.

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THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,424)
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Posts: 1,824
4/29/11 7:27 P

Since I don't know what you're eating it's a little difficult to make great suggestions, but here goes...

At breakfast add in some eggs. If you're eating cereal make sure you measure out the portion since it's easy to overeat it and try to fill up on cereal alone. If you're eating a lot of calories at breakfast, but not a lot of protein than maybe cut back a bit on what you're already eating and in some eggs... maybe top the eggs with some 2% milk cheese. It's lower in calories and fat but still has protein and calcium.

Add in more meat. You didn't mention anything about foods you don't eat, so the obvious answer would be adding in more meat and animal products.

Cottage cheese and greek yogurt are great for snacks. String cheese and nuts.

It's pretty easy if you balance out your meals. I usually get 100+ grams of protein a day without supplementing. If you're able to make sure that your meals are balanced you won't have to play catch up at the end of the day.

SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
4/29/11 7:26 P

Cottage cheese is a good source of protein that can be mixed with stuff. I put it on my salad. It may sound gross (my friends make fun of me) but it tastes good. Hardboiled eggs are quick and can be transported easily. Also, the easiest thing is protein drinks.

BABYN31 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,556)
Posts: 140
4/29/11 7:08 P

eat alot beans,or drink speacial k protein shake

4/29/11 6:57 P

I consistently fall short in my daily protein. I need tips for how to get enough protein in my daily diet.

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