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1/28/13 12:52 P

JENMC14 & KRISTEN_SAYS are right and provided a lot of good options.

Because I don't eat much red meat I don't worry much about my cholesterol and don't worry about eating egg yolks, but if it is an issue, go more for the whites.

I cook for a vegan, so while I get some of my protein from eggs and dairy, she does not. Tofu and tempeh are high in protein and -- like all plant sources -- have no cholesterol. Dried edamame is also good, as these are all high-protein but low-fat.

Cold water fish -- especially sardines (less of an issue with mercury than with tuna) -- will get you a lot of protein and omega-3s, without a lot of cholesterol.

Calorie-for-calorie some of your best sources of protein are (1) mushrooms and (2) leafy greens (spinach, collard greens, mustard greens, etc.) ... the only 'problem' is that you need a lot of them to get much in the way of calories or protein. But take, say, 150g (pre-cooked/raw) mustard greens. You can cook them down to about a cup of cooked greens, get 35 calories and about 3.5g of protein (and nearly 200% Vit. C for the day). We eat a lot of lentils -- low-fat, high-protein, and high-insoluble-fiber -- and mix them with brown rice, quinoa, or similar.

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1/28/13 11:52 A

Legumes, fish, egg whites, greek yogurt, nuts, quinoa, oats. All good options.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/28/13 11:41 A

What did you start eating to up your protein? Stick to lean cuts of meat. If cholesterol is an issue, limit red meat. I eat lots of egg whites, Greek yogurt, lowfat cheese, lower fat cottage cheese, extra lean ground turkey/turkey sausage and peanut butter. When I eat ground beef, it's the extra, extra lean. I also like chicken and shrimp as lean sources of protein. There's also nuts, beans/legumes and tofu. Just check the chloesterol content of your protein sources.

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1/28/13 11:32 A

If I try hard to raise my protein level, which has been too low, I end up with a high colesteral.
What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing. I have lost 25 pounds over the year, but I need to lose more.

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