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Protein powder

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Fitness Minutes: (8,050)
Posts: 292
3/29/13 10:32 A

Thank you so much for the feedback. I might not need to use a protein powder. However, when I was tracking consistently....awhile back, the two areas I would fall short it that bugged me was protein and fiber. The fiber problem has been pretty much resolved. I thought maybe it would be good to focus on protein like I did on fiber.

What I need to focus on is consistency.

Thank you again.

Posts: 601
3/29/13 8:52 A

I use ESA it mixes well in smothies and does not have a chalky taste to it. One word of caution is make sure you need extra protein or make sure the smoothie is your meal. I fell into the trap where I made a smoothie, but missed feeling like I had eaten. So then I would eat something too.

SparkPoints: (171,858)
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Posts: 23,438
3/29/13 7:32 A

I use SYntrax Protein Powders. They have a variety of delicious flavors. My favorite is Cappuccino

SparkPoints: (90,105)
Fitness Minutes: (75,198)
Posts: 1,912
3/29/13 1:27 A

I love chocolate so Pure Protein powder works for me. I put it in milk. It mixes pretty well. Somebody at Sprouts (Sunflower) put me on to a plastic shaker with a stainless steel ball in it. After you get the milk and powder in you shake it up and the ball bounces around in there and mixes it up. emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (5,730)
Posts: 1,510
3/29/13 12:21 A

I prefer powdered egg whites.

Posts: 5,920
3/28/13 9:21 P

I get mine at walmart. I like 6 star in chocolate. they make a vanilla too.

Posts: 26,008
3/28/13 8:30 P

I imagine your SP protein minimum is 60 grams daily.
I looked at your nutrition tracker, but it is hard to tell what is really going on with your eating habits. First start to track daily. Are you getting at least 60 grams of protein?? If so, then you do not need a supplement. If not, then what foods are your missing in your daily plan: meat, beans, fish, milk, dairy, yogurt, etc. Try to include more of these.

If you still are low...then a protein supplement may help. Because you want to use it in shakes and with cooking; you would probably be happiest with a non-flavored protein supplement. Something like: beneprotein powder.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

Posts: 180
3/28/13 5:07 P

I use a chocolate protein powder from Herbalife that is absolutely delicious, super thick and creamy. No chalky residue at all. Otherwise muscle milk protein powder isn't bad, but I found that it can get chalky when you mix it with certain types of smoothies/milk.

SparkPoints: (15,190)
Fitness Minutes: (8,050)
Posts: 292
3/28/13 2:58 P

What are the best brands of protein powder to get? I would like a powder that does not alter the taste or texture of what I put it in (at least not very much). I have never used protein powder. Knowing us, we will begin with milkshakes this summer. There are some pure fruit smoothies I also want to try this summer. From there I will "graduate" to cooking with it.

All advice welcome.

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