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10/24/13 1:38 P

Don't buy the protein powder from Walmart. Unfortunately protein powders are considered supplements and therefore unregulated by the FDA, meaning they don't have to strictly follow their label for what's in them. Both Body Fortress and 6star brands have failed independent lab testing. Having far less protein in them than they claim and making up for the bulk with additives and even a surprising amount of sugar.

I know Optinum nutrition, syntha 6, and GNC's (overpriced) brand have passed multiple labs tho.

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10/8/13 8:53 A

Be aware - not all protein powders are created equal.

I love the Herbalife protein powder, due to the integrity of the products and the fact that there are no GMOs in it.

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9/18/13 9:31 A

Thanks bunches - I've seen protein powder used in a number of recipes, but didn't want to assume - you know what they say about assuming emoticon so, thanks again!!!! Have a glorious day!

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9/18/13 9:21 A

Without knowing the recipe, it's hard to say for sure, but generally yes, it would be the protein powders that you can get in the nutrition section at the store. Some places sell smaller containers of protein powder, but not all places do.

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9/18/13 8:52 A

Good morning! I've been doing low carb for a few months and it's working great, but . . .I want to make some 'atkins like' bars - they call for protein powder - is this the kind you can buy at Walmart or General Nutrition - in those big containers? I don't want to sound ....silly, but I also don't want to spend $17 and have the wrong stuff. Thanks bunches!!!!! emoticon

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