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7/28/13 6:50 P

Living4today, I would be cautious with Pure protein bars. Are you familiar with maltitol and it's effects on the body?
I like the vegan option (not for me) of tempe cookies. Make ahead, freeze, take as needed.

7/28/13 2:19 P

In a busy world where I sleep when most are awake and awake when most are asleep and on the go go go lol protein shakes are a go to for me!

7/28/13 1:23 P

I agree that there are probably better ways to get protein then powders and bars. But as a vegetarian with a really busy life I allow myself to make a few shortcuts. I eat 1 to 3 Pure Protein bars weekly. I think most protein bars have a weird cardboard kind of taste. These are a three or four on a one to ten cardboard scale. They taste okay and give a huge protein burst with right around 200 calories.

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7/28/13 1:17 P

Eating protein powder to get more protein is kind of like eating sugar with a spoon to get more carbs. It gives you the numbers, but it defeats the purpose of the requirement. When they say you should get X amount of protein, the protein is only half of what they really mean. When you eat FOOD with protein, you're also getting vitamins and minerals and other nutrients whose names we might not even know. Protein powder is a food with all of those other nutrients taken out.

And protein powder still has calories. People tend to forget that; they think it's like a vitamin and just take it on top of everything else they're eating, and end up gaining weight without understanding why.

If you read through this forum, you'll find a lot of threads where people ask how to get more protein in their diet. Things like chicken, pork loin, tuna, beans, tofu, milk, yogurt, etc will give you protein for roughly the same number of calories as protein powder, but you'll be getting things like magnesium, thiamin, phosphorus-- all those things you don't normally count. Getting enough protein from FOOD makes it pretty automatic that you get enough of all those things. Using powder doesn't give that same guarantee.

You don't say why you have trouble eating. If you'll give us more information about that, we can make suggestions that will help get around that. But it makes a difference whether the problem is physical like trouble swallowing, or whether it's an issue of time or money.

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7/28/13 1:13 P

I echo Lacey.
Do you mind sharing an average day's menu?

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7/28/13 11:55 A

Is there a particular reason you struggle to get enough protein? Dietary requirements or preferences?

I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with protein powders except do you really want to be reliant on a supplement for the rest of your life or would you rather learn how to eat the right kinds of food and get enough protein from your diet?

If you cut back on another macronutrient, you'll be able to make room for more protein which would probably balance you out better.

Sources of protein include; lean meats (chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish/seafood), tofu, dairy (yogurt particularly Greek, cottage cheese and other cheeses, milk), legumes/lentils, whole grains, eggs/egg whites, nuts/nut butters, seeds.

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7/28/13 10:21 A

I use protein powder and bars to help me reach my protein goals and re-fuel after exercise. I typically add the powder to my smoothies. I like Body Fortress protein powder from Wal-Mart and Balance bars too. Of course, there are other non-meat sources (other than powder and bars) to get protein, but these options work fine for me. Try searching Spark Recipes for recipes using protein powder.

I don't know how these would help with your anemia as they are not iron supplements. Best wishes to you!

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7/28/13 9:49 A

I have a hard time eating I need all the protein I can get. My doc recommended protein powder or bars I have down them before but can't find a good kind and its hard for me to get my meats even tho I'm anemic so is protein powder a go to or should I forget it? And if so which ones do u like?

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