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MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
3/6/11 5:34 A

Oh gosh!!

I didn't know protein powders had cholesterol!!

But cholesterol is considered to be a kind of fat?

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3/6/11 3:58 A

I agree - best to get protein from foods, but you can get protein that is pea, soy, rice, hemp or whole grain based, so you can get protein powder that is 100% cholesterol free.

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3/4/11 10:32 P

I have a hemp protein powder that I use occasionally, when I'm having recurring difficulty getting enough protein (though I'm getting better at getting it). It has no cholesterol.

I believe the low end of SP's range is also slightly higher that official recommendation's low end, to account for the help it gives in weight loss.

RHPSHOW Posts: 43
3/4/11 10:22 P

Do note if for some reason you ever need it, you may want to consider something like the Protein shots. It comes in a vial, is premixed and you toss it down like a shot [really with the taste it is a good idea to drink it that way. Some like it, I don't] and has no cholesterol.

3/4/11 10:17 P

Thanks for the input. Going to take back the protein powder... I get plenty of protein daily.

3/4/11 9:11 P

Most folks do not need a protein supplement.
How much are you getting in your diet daily? Are you within your SP protein range.

Another good source of protein to use as a supplement when needed is nonfat dry milk powder.

Many of the protein powders have about 5-7 grams protein in 1 serving with about 2 grams of cholesterol...this is not excessive.

Dietitian Becky

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3/4/11 4:26 P

I agree, you can get more protein from egg whites and legumes without so much cholesterol, and plus, most plants have incomplete proteins in them, so you're probably getting more than you think.

3/4/11 4:21 P

Eh, skip the protein powder if you have cholesterol issues. You can you get day's worth of protein in everything else. Meats, dairy, breads, just takes some searching!

3/4/11 3:54 P


I hope someone can advise me about Protein Powder and Cholesterol. I have been reading so many posts and articles but can't seem to find a direct answer.

I have high cholesterol and was amazed to see how much cholesterol is on protein powders. I hate to add extra cholesterol into my diet as I am trying to reduce the intake of it. I understand protein powders are derived from Whey, so am looking into soy or plant based protein powders. However not sure I want to mess around with soy.

I am so confused. Please help!
Thanks in advance.

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