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12/28/14 10:49 A

When I am burned out on hard boiled eggs, I switch to low sodium jerky.
I found Tahoe Tony's Jammin Jerky. I recommend their sweet & spicy. I order from . Plus it feels good to support a "mom and pop" business.

ACHANSO Posts: 1,055
5/6/14 2:11 P


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5/5/14 10:55 P

hard boiled eggs

quinoa cooked and packed to go

smoked kippers or sardines in mustard

sugar free pudding cups

laughing cow or baby bell cheese wedges

nuts like smoked almonds

raw pepitas

1 Tbl Bacos

Secure protein in a packet can be mixed with a bottle water - comes in a box of single flavors or assorted

peanut butter packed into 2oz to-go containers

If you put a small ice chest in your vehicle and stock with a frozen blue ice daily you can take lots of choices with you or freeze juices overnight and use them inside an insulated bag to keep other things cold until you want them.

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5/5/14 10:17 P

my current on the go source of protein and in general source of carbs in one us from Vega and its their protein bars that I almost rely on when out and about to keep from going low (i'm diabetic) its got 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, 26 grams of carbs per single bar, yes its 250 calories for the single bar (maybe to high for many people) but for me it is one of the best options on the market for my dietary restrictions (they are gluten free and vegan, thus no dairy is in them).

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 369
5/5/14 8:06 P

Protein bars, nuts, hard boiled eggs.

ACHANSO Posts: 1,055
5/2/14 2:07 P

Yes that's a great idea. Chicken or tuna salad in the pouch or can.
Portable too

5/2/14 1:16 P

Tuna.. some of the "Tuna Creations" by Starkist are decent for a quick fix without needing to add mayo or anything, and they come in individual pouches, so you don't need a can opener.

ACHANSO Posts: 1,055
5/2/14 12:02 P

I realize it takes refrigeration, but I like hard boiled eggs with spices and cilantro for protein.

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5/2/14 11:55 A

I keep things like a jar of peanut butter, small cans of chicken, packets of salmon, bags of mixed nuts, and Atkins snack bars in my office, purse and car for those sneak hunger attacks.

If you're looking for something to eat each day, I suggest investing in a cooler bag. They work well, are easy to carry and really open up your options!

5/2/14 11:27 A

I will stop in a market and grab a yogurt if I'm out and it's suddenly a meal time. But if I'm planning on being out, I'll throw a cheese stick and piece of fruit in my bag or bring a cooler 'purse" with more food in it.

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5/2/14 9:08 A

i always keep a Quest protein bar in my purse. It fits into the side pockets without taking up too much space. But other "on the go" protein sources are:
PB cracker sandiwches (homemade is perferable)
PB with celery ("Ants on a Log"
seeds (like pumpkin)
individual cups on hummus with veggies
cheese sticks
shelf-stable chocolate milk box
tuna pouches
a scoop of protein powder in a ziplock (just pour into a bottle with some water and shake to mix)

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5/2/14 8:33 A

Before I became concerned about the amount of sodium in my diet, I used to like beef jerky or pepperoni sticks because they don't require refrigeration. However, you have to be careful because some of them contain a lot of sugar.

I also like Beanitos, a bean and brown rice based tortilla chip that is high in fibre and protein.

Roasted chickpeas are nice, too. There are lots of recipes available on the internet.

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5/2/14 6:47 A

What's your favorite protein source "on the go"? I keep almonds in my car and even in my purse, but I'm wondering if there aren't other convenient sources that don't need to be refrigerated and are tasty.

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