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I am not sure about weight loss benefits BUT, as a diabetic with Dawn Phenomenon (higher blood glucose in the mornings) When I eat a light snack of a protein and a carbohydrate before bedtime my morning numbers are lower. What they are calling "starvation mode" is probably a low glucose level from the overnight "fast". If you want to drink it then go for it, but almost any protein/carb snack would do about the same thing.

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Well, the idea that it "keeps you out of starvation mode" is silly, because it takes longer than 12 hours to do that. Starvation mode is something that happens after weeks or months of undereating, not going to bed on an empty stomach.

There's no reliable evidence that I know of that supports the idea that eating calories at ANY time affects your fat-burning ability, nor that eating any kind of food causes you to "burn more fat".

With that said, I bet it helps because you're not going so long between meals. You're reducing your fasting period, and keeping your blood sugar levels higher and keeping fuel in your body,which fights off evening-snacking and leaves you less likely to overeat.

I don't think it'll do anything to help you lose weight faster. But if it's helping you feel better, and you're staying in your calorie ranges, I see no problem with it. It's just an extension of the concept of eating many small meals through the day to keep the metabolic furnace stoked.

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The other night I heard one of those bogus radio adds for No dieting weightloss, simply by intaking a special kind of protein before bed. Well I don't buy into things like that but the thought stuck in my head and a few nights now I have taken my own protein supplement (usually used as a post workout drink or a meal replacement) before bed. I'm finding that I am waking up feeling lighter and healthier! One of the guys at the gym says that he does the same thing, and that it "keeps your body out of starvation mode and burns fat while you sleep" I have adapted a healthy lifestyle for years now but have not heard of this concept. Any thoughts?

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