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BUFFYSUMMERS81: The 'Calling All Vegetarians and Vegans' team has many discussion threads about protein. There is much controversy about the high protein levels SP asks one to meet. One often hears that the World Health Organization gives a much lower protein minimum to meet. That being said, listen to your own body. Be aware of your own activity level. I am very active. I am a plant-based eater and I don't eat any animal products. In addition to a nutrient dense diet, I make sure to have beans, nuts, seeds, sprouts, chia seeds, spirulina, hemp seeds and hemp protein powder. Oh, and a vegan protein powder. Dark leafy greens have protein. Hemp is great stuff. It is not only full of protein but it is one of the few plant based complete proteins with all the essential amino acids. Tempeh is also a complete protein. I make protein bars with hemp seeds and powder.

From this recipe I have made many modifications. It is just an idea.

Bottom line, if you feel good, I'd say don't worry about protein. If you're feeling energy-less, there are a lot of things besides protein which could be the source of the problem.

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BUFFYSUMMERS81- my diet sounds very similar to yours - also almost entirely vegetarian, also in the 1200-1350 range, and I also don't eat many nuts or fake meat.

I make my own protein bars using whey protein powder - there are tons of recipes online for protein bars and you can use whichever one appeals to you, I personally like to use Greek yogurt in mine as well for a little extra protein. I use whey protein powder because it's the most available where I live (not in the US) but I don't use anywhere near as much as they tell you to (I think the package says something like 125g over the course of the day!! I put 10g in each bar and have one bar per day).

A new shop just opened in my neighborhood selling only protein powders so I'm going to go there and see if there are other non-whey options that are close to 100% protein like the one I get, because whey is hard on the stomach (at least it is for me).

I also get a lot of protein from eggs. I have two whole eggs every single day. I use dried beans and lentils and split peas a ton -- these are full of protein and fiber and not as high calorie as you might think if you cook them from dry rather than buying them canned in a sauce (like baked beans -- full of sugar!).

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I really like vanilla hemp protein powder. It's great in smoothies. A little grainy in drinks....

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I hesitated to buy any of the whey protein powders due to added ingredients. My friend told me about pumpkin seed protein powder made by Omega Nutrition. Pumpkin seed is the only ingredient and that is what I use in smoothies. Very filling.

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I eat meat occasionally, but for the most part I have a vegetarian diet. I have a hard time meeting my protein goals because I don't like the fake meat products, and my calorie limit is 1200-1550 but I keep to the low end. Nuts and beans only go so far for protein and often are high calorie. So, I have been thinking about Protein Powders or the bars. Has anyone used them? Which do you think taste the best? Which ones are geared more for women?

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