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11/11/13 7:42 A

Why do you plan to use the protein shake after a workout? Is your food intake low on protein?


LUCYVT Posts: 3,703
11/11/13 6:58 A

I'm going 2 start using protein drinks after every workout.

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11/11/13 2:24 A

What about something like green smoothies instead?

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CICELY360 Posts: 3,586
11/10/13 10:37 P

I like them as snacks or for on the run. I think shakes are a good supplement.

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11/10/13 10:20 P

Thank you everyone for your responses. They made me feel much more comfortable. about using already-prepared meal-replacement drinks. I suppose I meant by "shrinking my stomach muscle" was getting more in touch with my real hunger/appetite. But, I always thought that if you ate large quantities of food your stomach muscle expaned and you needed more to fill it--sort of like a balloon. I've noticed in the two weeks that I've been eating healthier, I'm eating much smaller portions than I used to.

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11/10/13 8:55 P

I looked at the nutrition info for the Special K shake. This is not a protein shake; rather this is a meal replacement shake. And this is what you need to be using since you are replacing meals. A meal replacement shake has the correct blend of protein, fat and carbs---similar to a meal (not just primarily protein). In the Special K shake you are getting 190 calories, 10 grams protein; but also 5 grams fat, 29 carbs, and vitamins, minerals, fiber.

A meal replacement shake like this is fine to use; especially when you are using it due to a time schedule crunch. It is really just a way to control calories in a portion control size.

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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
11/10/13 7:54 P

As JENNILACEY mentioned, be sure that if you're using any kind of shake instead of a meal, that it says it's intended for that purpose. Otherwise, you're depriving your body of vital nutrients.

I drink an Atkins shake every morning because I take a lot of Rxs and supplements, and I need something thicker than water to get those down. That seems to be okay - and I am mindful about it, because if I get hungry, I will eat real food. Some days I do want solid food food for b'fast, so I don't do the shake on those mornings.

When you say "shrink your stomach muscle" -- do you mean reducing your stomach volume capacity? Eating less or smaller meals will eventually result in a smaller stomach (organ). It won't do anything about increased belly/abdominal contour though, at least until that changes due to overall weight loss. You can't pinpoint a specific place to diet fat out of.

I think using nutritional drinks as meals is probably okay, so long as they're labeled for it. But be sure to still eat a good "real" meal every day, and monitor how you're feeling. If you start to lose energy, you know perhaps you need to eat more real food.

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11/10/13 7:35 P

If they are actual meal replacements I'm sure they'll be ok. Of course it's always healthier, more beneficial to learning how to eat for weight management and I imagine more satisfying to eat real food. I'm not quite sure I understand why you would want to "shrink your stomach muscle"? Or where you heard that drinking protein shakes/meal replacements would do that?

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11/10/13 6:18 P

Prior to starting Spark Coach, I had been drinking protein drinks (Special K, Equate meal replacement protein drink, South Beach, etc.) to help me shrink my stomach muscle and cut back on my appetitel I really like them for breakfast and for lunch because I have an incredibly busy job and find it difficult to do a sit-down lunch. Is it a problem to continue with them, rather than eating food for lunch and breakfast?

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