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6/19/13 8:03 P

I imagine your SP protein range is about 60-136 grams. So were you over the 136 grams???

An estimate for protein needs for someone who is a recreational exerciser, endurance athlete or strength training is about .5 - .8 grams protein/ pound body weght. However, for folks who are overweight---this can overestimate need since one is carrying a larger amount of fat (not muscle). Dietitians then use an "adjusted body weight" for these situations.

Can you share more about your specific numbers? This can help in giving more accurate advice.

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ERICADURR Posts: 243
6/19/13 3:46 P

I've read 1 gram per pound of lean muscle mass. I'm 114 right now, and about 19% body fat. This means I should be getting about 92 grams of protein each day. I normally go over that though. :)

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6/19/13 2:27 P

The guideline is actually .8g protein per pound of body weight - and that's for athletes, including bodybuilders. As far as weight training goes, I'm not sure that's the right number for women as women don't build muscle as easily as men therefore their protein requirements may not be as high as the amount men require.

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6/19/13 2:10 P

Well, how much I need could be completely different than how much someone else needs. I personally aim for 100-125g a day (approx. 30% of my daily intake) because my goals are building muscle and I need an adequate amount of protein for muscle repair. I follow the guidelines 1g per pound of body weight.

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6/19/13 2:00 P

Going over a little bit should be fine, but going WAY over all the time could cause damage to the kidneys and other organs.

There is a formula for figuring out what your protein limits should be based on your weight. If I remember right, it is something like .5G protein per pound of body weight. In other words, a 200 pound person can eat up to 100G of protein per day.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/19/13 12:28 P

Did you go over the top of your range?

I generally get about 90-100g of protein in a day, and less and less from meat products these days. If I get less than about 80 I don't feel very satisfied and I'm more likely to fail my workouts (just be wiped out before I should be done) and want to eat nonstop.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/19/13 12:26 P

It's not unsafe to exceed your protein guidelines a bit - they are only guidelines, after all. It might be more than your body actually requires for maintenance/repair/muscle-building etc, but it won't hurt you.

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6/19/13 12:22 P

Just checking to see how much protein you aim for in a day. I was high on my protein levels yesterday but within my calorie ranges and it was the first day where I felt satisfied. Is it ever safe to go a little over?

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