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2/19/13 5:03 A

Yojulez - Thanks for suggesting greek yogurt. I'm hooked! I tried plain greek yogurt as sour cream on bean and cheese quesadillas last week, and it was great...just not by itself! I tried a pear flavored version and raved about it to my husband. While I was asleep, he ran out an bought me 5 more to surprise me, but the poor guy only bought the plain yogurt. I ended up mixing it with thawed frozen raspberries and added a little bit of honey for sweetness. It was amazing!

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2/14/13 12:10 A

Perhaps do some planning your next off day. Make your OWN prepackaged stuff! It's relatively easy to make freezer meals you can easily prepare in a microwave.

NOLAFIT Posts: 124
2/13/13 11:59 P

Thanks - I actually do cook mostly from scratch MOST of the time with the exception of this past week... I've been off shift, so it is a little harder for me to make food. Breakfast foods are mostly prepackaged since I don't have a lot of time to workout and cook breakfast before I go to bed (I work night shift).

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2/13/13 10:23 P

Can you try cooking more from scratch? I don't eat that many more calories than you, but I get tons of protein because I'm cooking most of my own meals at home. I use leftovers for my lunches, so they don't require any extra effort to take to work than a frozen meal does. I portion it out when I'm serving dinner, so all I have to do in the morning is grab the container.

I will also say, even though you would think it would, stuff like sausage and ground beef doesn't have that much protein (compared to the "solid" forms of meat). Try using actual meat like chicken instead of sausage when you do cook.

Also if you like cottage cheese, look into greek yogurt, it has 23g of protein in 1 cup. It makes for a good snack especially when mixed with some fruit. For other snacks, you can buy cheese sticks, those are usually 80-100 calories and 10g of protein, or beef jerky, 1oz is about 14-15g of protein and only 90 calories.

NOLAFIT Posts: 124
2/13/13 9:32 P

You are right. Some of my packaged meals (ie frozen lunches, etc) are lower in protein. Ever since I noticed my personal protein trend, I have made an effort to purchase the ones with higher protein counts (yet not really high calorie count!). I have been eating more beans, and I did TRY to have a glass of milk the other day...milk is not my favorite. Good thing I love cottage cheese!

Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it!

2/13/13 8:38 P

There are many days that you are at 60 grams; and several that you are not.
It appears that you are using several "packaged" meals---that are somewhat low in protein. When using a lower protein entree for a meal, you could add on a protein food: drink a glass of skim milk, have a carton of low calorie yogurt, add a slice of lowfat cheese, grill a chicken breast to have with the meal, add on some canned beans, add a scoop of cottage cheese, etc.

Keep in mind these "estimate numbers" for each meal
Breakfast: 10 grams
Lunch 20 grams
Dinner 20 grams
total for snacks 10 grams

Total for day: 60 grams

Hope this helps.


PS---you can now turn it off---if you like. Others may give their input---then turn it off tomorrow.

NOLAFIT Posts: 124
2/13/13 8:24 P

Much to my chagrin, I turned my nutritional tracker on...

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2/13/13 8:17 P

Getting 60 grams of protein daily is very important. Can help with satiety---but also maintains muscle. So you lose body fat, not lean muscle tissue.

To give more helpful tips, I would need to see your nutrition tracker. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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2/13/13 6:09 P

For me is very important to feeling and staying full. I try to get 100 a day. But if your diet consists of meat and eggs, I'm wondering why it's saying you are low. I tried to look at your shared tracker though, and it doesn't appear to be filled out at all. So, where are you getting your values for what you're eating?

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2/13/13 5:53 P

I would have to say that it's pretty important, especially considering you're not even getting to the low end of their recommended range.

With that said, I will defer to our resident nutritional expert.

NOLAFIT Posts: 124
2/13/13 5:42 P

Over the past several weeks, I've been keeping track of all my calories, and I'm starting to notice that I do not eat SP's recommended values for protein. For instance, SP recommends I consume between 60-147g of protein per day, but on a typical day I get between 40-55g of protein. This comes to be at a surprise because I thought I ate enough - if not too much - protein considering my diet consists of a lot of meat and eggs.

I do know that protein is very important, but how important is it that I stay within SP's protein value recommendations?

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