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12/3/13 3:39 P

It is not hard to make your own chicken or veggie broth and freeze it. It isn't hard to make and freeze your own complete soups in ziploc bags either.

I haven't looked at a Progresso can lately, but I am guessing that in addition to sodium there are other unnecessary additives. Also, Progresso soup just does not taste very good.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,223)
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12/3/13 1:48 P

1. Progresso does have lower sodium, lower fat, etc. options (note that LOWER only means less than the 'regular' options)

2. some of the Progresso Lite soups just have less 'chunky' stuff and more I say buy the regular, add some water and make it more than 1 meal!

I keep Progresso soups on hand at the office for those days when I left my lunch at home, and (as another poster mentioned) I will use them as a base.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/3/13 1:20 P

I thought Progresso had low-sodium soups, too.

Another thing to do is split the soup in two portions (I could eat an entire can, no problem) and add some chicken broth (you can find that canned, so look for low-sodium or make your own). Dilute it enough to still have some taste, but it will have less sodium.

Yes, soup is really easy to make, but sometimes you just glom on a flavor that you can't replace. Cream of Mushroom is my guilty pleasure. Most soups, if not all regular canned soups, are higher in sodium. When you make your own soup, pay special attention to how much salt you add to your own preparation. Count that sodium and see how that puts it all in perspective. Salt adds flavor and lessens bitterness, that's the reason something without salt tastes so bland.

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VASHLUVER1 Posts: 983
12/3/13 11:53 A

I like Progresso soup as a low calorie meal from time to time. I'm not watching my sodium, as I have naturally low blood pressure. But my problem is that I tend to eat a huge amount of saltine crackers to go along with my soup. That's what makes it a problem for me.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/3/13 2:30 A

If you aren't going to make your own homemade soup, a great option is the Chunky Soup, with the HEART HEALTHY label on them. It has 420-480 mg of sodium for 1/2 the can, and is around 240 calories, if I remember right. So the entire can is less than 1000 mg Na, and mixed with a cup of pasta, and divided into 4 servings, can be less than 250 mg of Na, and around 220 calories. They are up to about 10 kinds of soup now. It is a LOT of soup though, not like the tiny 100 calorie cans.

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12/3/13 12:16 A

There's a secret ingredient to all amazing homemade soups! It's one (or two and no more)...dried bay leaf.
Doesn't sound like much and make sure you take it out before serving as the center vein can be quite sharp if eaten.

To a lot of great soup makers and lovers it the difference between homemade soup with no salt and homemade soup with the exact right amount of salt. It's a bit of magic. Ann

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FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
3/18/13 10:26 A

When DH and I watch BL we always joke about "First off I'd like to thank my sponsors..." (NASCAR reference) The commercialism part of the show is what I don't like but as with ANY show--they are expected to make money. Even movies use product placement. It's just how it is. I do use some of the products they talk about but I was using things like Britta water filters a long time ago. emoticon My advice is if you like the soup, eat it. If you don't...then don't eat it just because they sponsor the show. Personally I don't care for Progresso (or any canned soup for that matter) and I do not like Subway. Plus like ALGEBRAGIRL said--it's sooo easy to make your own soup!
Had to add this: Even some of Sparkpeople's ads are questionable. But they need them to pay the bills otherwise we would have to pay.

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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
3/18/13 9:49 A

I like to make my own soup, and vegetable soup is one of the easiest. When you make your own soup, do you measure the vegetables (they contain sodium naturally all on their own) and the water and the salt that you add, then divide the whole total by number of servings to come up with your sodium count for homemade soup? People who have to be very strict about measuring sodium do that. Most people don't.

Salt contributes hugely to flavor. As you cut salt out of your diet, you get used to new tastes, but your way of eating has changed, not the rest of the world's. I have been a dinner guest where the food was so bland, you could mistake it for unflavored gelatin, yet the host and hostess thought it tasted normal to them - they had cut their sodium levels way down for years, on doctor's orders. They passed salt shakers to everyone at the table.

3/18/13 12:45 A

My opinion is that it is low cal and has some veggies. OK option to eat once in a while as part of your healthy diet. Put it this way: Progresso soup is a far better option than something you might grab at a fast food place for lunch.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,125
3/18/13 12:24 A

it's like everything else. as part of a healthy meal plan and lifestyle, progresso soup is not evil. no food by itself as part of above is evil. some things need to be more moderate than others.

ALISALEA Posts: 161
3/17/13 4:01 P

I make a pot of homemade vegetable soup every weekend to take to work for lunch during the week. Occasionally if I run out I'll have the canned stuff, but I wouldn't want it every day. Mine tastes so much better anyway!

LEOPARDSPOTS1 SparkPoints: (608)
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3/14/13 6:08 P

Thanks for the opinions everyone. I poured the can of progresso into a pan, added 4 oz of milk, and 4 oz of water, mixed it and I ate about 1 cup of soup. It still had its flavor and I cut some of the sodium out. I don't think I will do it again though because I felt bad eating it.

3/14/13 4:04 P

Progresso is one of the highest sodium levels for soup. Be careful!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,251)
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3/14/13 3:28 P

This is another reason we shouldn't be taking health and fitness advice from TV reality shows. ;)

The fact of the matter is, The Biggest Loser does not present a realistic view of results, nor can it be trusted for any kind of advice on any healthy choices. They don't present the healthiest way of doing anything, only whatever makes a good show, and that may mean poor fitness form, unhealthy eating, or whatever they're paid to promote.

Never think for a second you're even getting a realistic picture of what they're doing there. You see the highlights reel, the dramatic "last chance workout" where they try to sweat off another pound or two... not the hours of drudgery and hard work.

And they're certainly not going to tell you that that kind of weight loss is unsafe and unachievable for the vast majority of the population. These people are constantly monitored by medical professionals, because what they're doing is dangerous.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
3/14/13 3:20 P

Canned soup is something I like to eat when I'm sick, but I avoid it at other times because of all the sodium. A can of soup often contains 2-2.5 servings and that adds up to a lot of sodium in an entire can and I usually end up eating most, if not all, of the can. The thing is that, when I open a can, I know I"m not going to take out half (or less than half) and save the rest of it for the next day (and end up with 1/2 serving left for the day after).

On The Biggest Loser, they promote certain things, not because they are healthy, but because the show is paid to do the promotions. It's all about money. Something else that they push on the show that's loaded with sodium is Subway sandwiches. I think that these sandwiches, just like the Progresso soup, are okay on occasion, in moderation, but they aren't really good choices to be making on a frequent basis.

3/14/13 1:26 P

I think in moderation but watch out for the plastic tin liner filled with xenoestrogens

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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3/14/13 12:27 P

everything in moderation. emoticon i ate a lot more of them when i was first starting sparks. i thought the soups were good calorie control and portion control for me. i sometimes would have a serving as an evening snack. i know i can make something more healthy, but there are worse things i could choose.

do they offer low sodium options?

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
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3/14/13 11:59 A

In addition to the concerns you brought up, canned items (not just soup) also have BPA. I think that everything in moderation is still key. Canned items every once in awhile is definitely better than fast food or other options. Just something extra to think about.

CILER11 Posts: 265
3/14/13 9:59 A

I too keep soups in the house for days when cooking is difficult. Most broth based soups are low in calories so if you are watching your sodium you can buy a reduced sodium one that won't add too many calories. Also if you like the ease of soups you can make your own from scratch and freeze.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/14/13 8:59 A

Everyone really hit the nail on the head. You aren't eating this daily or many times a day. If you aren't sensitive to sodium, I doubt that there is an issue. If sugars are okay in moderation, then the can of soup you have every so often are fine too! We usually have at least 3-6 cans of various soups at a time in our pantry. They are nice if you are sick, or just need something and don't feel like cooking, or for lunch on the weekend on a freezing day. I know that I can make better soups, but I don't always want to make a big pot.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,622
3/14/13 8:34 A

Yes I think they're talking about it as a promotion as they are a big sponsor this year. BUT as others have pointed out - if you don't have sodium issues it is fine in moderation. Just like MissRuth - we keep a few cans in the house just like we keep a few frozen meals that are high sodium. Perhaps once every week or two I'll grab a frozen meal for lunch and about once every two weeks we do soup and salad or soup and a sandwich for dinner and while my other half eats another brand - I typically stick to Amy's or Progresso to keep my calorie count down.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
3/14/13 7:49 A

The trainer may have been told she has to "push" the soup because Progresso is a sponsor, whatever her personal beliefs are. It's also possible that her opinion has changed a little bit, since she wrote the book-- after working with a lot of people and accepting the reality that sometimes something in a can is better than, say, fast food when people don't have time to cook. "Theoretically" and "reality" can be two entirely different things. Whatever.

I keep a couple cans of Progresso in the house for when we're pressed for time or there just isn't anything else to grab for a lunch. Same thing with a few frozen meals. Neither DH nor I have trouble with sodium (HBP etc) although lately I've been keeping an eye on it and trying not to exceed the daily recommended amount. Most of the time, I cook from scratch but sometimes there just isn't the time or inclination to do it.

If I eat one meal that's high in sodium, I try to balance it out by eating lower-sodium stuff the rest of the day.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,231
3/14/13 7:18 A

i recently bought a soup that sounded pretty good that has 480 sodium per serving in it. and what i am going to do is to use it as a base for when i don't want to cook. which means when i toss it in the pot to heat i am probably going to add another cup or two of water, a cup of frozen broccoli, a cup of frozen cauliflower, any unused squash that is lying around my fridge waiting to be used up, perhaps some corn or peas so that instead of making two cups of soup i am going to end up with five or six or so cups of soups. and since everything else i am adding has little to no sodium, it's going to be those base 960 sodium that is going to spread out over all those cups of soups. which makes it that much easier to fit in a cup without using all my sodium for the day.
you can do the same thing with your progresso. if it has green beans and pasta in it, add a little more green beans and pasta. or beans [cooked from dried], broccoli, squash or whatever solids happen to be in the soup.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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3/14/13 3:20 A

some people are sensitive to sodium or need to watch it for other health conditions. If you are not one of those people, then I would say to enjoy it in moderation. If you need to watch sodium, then you may want to chose something different, OR like you said, if you want to eat it, chose other foods that are low for the rest of the day in order to work that into your range.

It is all about what works for you. I enjoy canned soup on occasion. I like it. The Campbell's Natural Italian Wedding Soup is my fave. I also like Progresso's Baked Potato Soup. It is lovely.

LOPTR27 SparkPoints: (15,392)
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3/13/13 11:37 P

I had the same thought about the sodium when I was watching that. I'm prone to high blood pressure, so I do try to watch my sodium, even though my blood pressure seems to stay within normal range with exercise. I very rarely eat packaged or canned foods because of the high sodium, and I won't do soups because I can make them better and with next to no sodium. I imagine that people that don't have to worry so much about Na intake but are watching calories would be good with the canned soup. I don't know if Na has other negative effects though besides blood pressure.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,403
3/13/13 11:04 P

I don't like progresso, but I have eaten other canned soups from time to time.

I think in moderation they are OK.

I know you will get others on here that proclaim them to be the devil. So just do what works for you.

LEOPARDSPOTS1 SparkPoints: (608)
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3/13/13 10:57 P

Okay, so if you read my blog, you know I watch The Biggest Loser. On this week's show they were talking about progresso soup to the contestants, 100 cal per serving BUT something they didn't mention is the 650 gm of sodium. The way the trainer talked about it sounded like he was paid to promote it, which im sure he was. The thing is though, I am reading a book written by one of the trainers, in it she basically says anything in a can is bad, and bashes foods similar to progresso. So im wondering why the show SHE IS ON is promoting a canned food. Im assuming she has no control over it. Ok back to my point, sorry if i threw out a bunch of random info. My real question is do you think this soup is okay to eat? I bought a can today and it sounded good and the calories are low. I know if I eat it I will have to watch sodium on anything else I eat that day.Opinions?

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