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3/15/13 9:50 P

You can ask for the schedule of the "good" caregiver, without making the "bad" caregiver look bad. In fact, you'll be doing the "good" one a solid favor by showing that you appreciate her work enough to want your children to be with her more.

Give the "bad" caregiver a wide berth. If there's something squirrelly going on in there, you can't risk exposing your kids to it.

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3/15/13 7:06 P

Me and my friend had similar problem at our gym are then 8 month olds when we would drop them off and the the two workers were always so cold not even a hello or anything and I swear they looked like they didn't want to be there.

So I called and complained to the manager and told them that I really liked the gym but the women who were in the childcare were not very nice or professional. The gym said to give them another shot that they will get talked to and trained better to take care of my child (i didn't give them my name so there was no way of finding out who I was) my friend called and did the same thing and next time we went they ladies were friendlier and better with the kids.

So I really suggest talking to the manager and telling them your concerns.

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3/15/13 7:04 P

I did think that. But I tried again today with this lady and both my boys and he still acted the same way. :(

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3/15/13 5:26 P

The next time you drop your youngest off, try saying something like, "He/She seems to really like when adults work on puzzles with him at the table." or something else that your youngest enjoys. It's a nice way of getting her to interact with your child, and can hopefully buy you a little more time.

My first thought, however, was is it possible that your youngest has less anxiety in the afternoon because a sibling is there?

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3/15/13 4:53 P

Well, my oldest likes to play with children his age so he couldn't really explain to me why my youngest was crying. This lady to me seems snippy once my child cries around her. I would like to just try again in the evening in hopes i encounter the other lady however this puts it closer to dinner time. If i dont cook dinner, myself or the husband don't eat, and he won't get lunch for leftovers so, its just an inconvenience to our household. However, if it's what I must do to be healthy, i suppose i have no choice.
I was working out at home but i wanted the opportunity to work out children free and with actually equipment. There are only so many at home routines one can follow. I realize the children are my responsibility, but they provide daycare and should have kind and caring people working in the day care. She doesn't interact well with the children and i think this should be a requirement. I dont have the luxury of baby sitters. I depend on myself for them, and now the staff at the gym. I would just like to get to my goal weight/size of fitness, that way i can do my daily exercise here at home or on my home gym. But as i mentioned i dont have a baby sitter. I have to wait until my children are asleep to work out at home in our gym, and my husband is sleeping by then as well. He's gone from 4am-6 or 7pm,and goes to bed at 8pm, repeat. If one of my children wake up, i won't be at their side and their dad is asleep. Its just more convenient to go to the gym during the day.
Thanks for all your advice

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3/15/13 3:12 P

As aperson who worked at a gym, I must tell you that there are issues from the social service, police and lawyers about how to handle children. The lady at the gym may be a pain in the butt, but just by being in there is subject to law suits and every other thing that has evolved in this world we live in. I once had a LADY walk out on me because I said her 8 year old could not stay in the weight area or cardio area, the rules were in the kiddie area or go to the car w/child. What if some weight trainer had dropoped a 50 pound barbell on this child, what if the treamill thre a belt and hit this kid, please do not be offended by these comments, I just wanted u to know of the restrictions placed are necessary. Choice, continue to go and deal with the inconvience, hire a baby sitter, leave that gym and hope for a gym with a little more love of children, or workout at home. remember the child is yours not the attendants, u are the responsible person in the end. Good Luck to you, hope this info is helpful emoticon

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3/15/13 1:51 P

I would definitely see if the nice lady would tell you when she works, then go see the manager. I would explain to him what is going on. However, I would also do an assessment on your child first. If the morning both times was when he cried, it could be that he is not doing well because of the time of day, not the worker. Just another aspect to look at. Is it possible he is tired, hungry, etc.? Is the 5yo articulate enough to tell you if the worker did something to make him cry or perhaps there's another child in the room in the a.m. who was mean to him or ??

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3/15/13 1:45 P

I just started going to the gym yesterday. When I went yesterday morning, I only had my youngest with me. He is one. Within 30 minutes, I was being called to the daycare room because my son was crying. I left. I went back later that evening with both my boys. My oldest is 5. There was a different worker there and she seemed more up-beat than the morning lady. My boys lasted my entire "limit" of 2 hours with NO problems what so ever. I went this morning with both my boys, and the same lady from yesterday morning was there. Again, within 30 minutes, I was being called to the daycare because my youngest was crying. I told the worker after calming him down, I am going to go work out again. If he cries, we'll leave. She says "Well if he cries I HAVE to call you".. I replied with as subtle voice as possible "I know.... I just said that". My youngest only lasted another 30 minutes, and we left. I really believe it's this lady that my son has a problem with. She doesn't interact with the children in the room (not just mine). The only time I have seen her pick up a kid is when mine is crying. Which, I personally think makes it worse because she just holds him in almost a restraint. She doesn't pick him up to soothe him or anything. The lady that was there yesterday evening was very kind and open. As soon as I walked in she fell in love with my youngest. She picked him up.. started playing and talking with him.. and allowed me enough time to sneak out the door before he noticed. With the other lady, as I mentioned, no interaction with any ones kids. I have to start playing with my youngest in order to distract him to get out of the room.
I would like to confront this issue, but I do not want to incriminate myself here. I would like to find out when this lady he doesn't like, DOESN'T WORK, so I can plan to work out accordingly. I want to go back and cross my fingers the other lady is there, and ask when she WORKS, which would allow me to tell her my children adore her and she is very interactive with the kids. I don't want to ask about the other ladies schedule because I know how businesses run. I tell one employee I don't like one of the workers, that employee tells everyone else, and I get "special treatment" because of my disliking.
If anybody has an idea, or has had a similar situation, PLEASE HELP!

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