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1/18/14 1:04 P

Thank you very much! That helped :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,073
1/18/14 12:00 P

Change the start date on the weight report and it should show correctly. Since you only have one weigh-in, it helps to go back a little more in the start date on the report. For example, I changed it to 1/11/14 and I now see the blue line value of your latest weigh-in. Once you get more weigh-in's recorded, you shouldn't have to change that start date unless you want to.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

1/18/14 9:25 A

Can someone please help me out? My fitness minutes graph is working. Showing the ups and downs of the minutes work. However, the weight measurements one is not. It just shows a straight, flat yellow line. I lost 6 pounds today (excited) and went to the graph just so I could see the drop and its at 260 all the way across. I was looking forward to seeing that drop in the line :(

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