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NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
1/26/13 4:52 P

Hi, Welcome to SP!! I think this will be a great time for you to track your food intake and get used to the site while you're waiting on your surgery!!

Don't know what you're having done, but remember any movement is great-just walking or stretching, things like that.

Hope you enjoy your time here & that all goes great with your surgery!! Keep us updated!!


DEBORAHLEE82 Posts: 1,099
1/26/13 4:24 P

During my first two weeks, I didn't exercise but just started out working on eating better. I did made sure I did some kind of movement so since I had the time I just did some winter cleaning around the house. But, I think I lost weight still because I was eating less than I use to. So, I would say focus on your eating habits first and when you can exercise start with 10 minutes a day or just talk to your doc on how much you can do:) Hope this helps. emoticon emoticon

SCHNOOTIE SparkPoints: (67,013)
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1/26/13 4:22 P

Hello, nice to meet you! Sparkpeople has so many resources for every possible kind of person. There are workouts that are done on a chair, articles on how you can eat better by just making tiny amounts of better choices etc. You can educate yourself about diseases, nutrition, find articles and support groups for any physical or mental limitation. If you are serious about change and acquiring better health, you will be successful. What are you looking to improve, and what kind of limitations do you have? I have a busted knee, so I do the 11 minute cardio chair workout and lift small weights and track everything I eat so I am more aware of what goes in. It's always about starting with ourselves. No program is going to work unless you make changes that make sense to you and fit into your life. Let me know if you need any help. In the meantime, browse the site a little, I am sure you will find wonderful ideas on how to start your journey to better health. emoticon

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1/26/13 2:34 P

Hi all I am so happy to be here. Have a question I hope someone can help me with. Am waiting for an operation so cannot exercise - will this program work if I cannot exercise???? Please help. Thank you in advance

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