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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
11/14/12 1:47 P

I don't know if you have already gone out. I know The Cheesecake Factory has a Skinnylicious Menu. And it looks pretty good. The items are 500 to 600 calories. Anything else on the other portions of the menu is going to be 2000 to 3000 calories. Except for some of the appetizers.

They also have popcorn shrimp bites and dressing. On the appetizer menu. The shrimp is 600 calories and the dressing is 200. Some of the other appetizers may be in that range. Their appetizers can be on the small side.

I love that in one of the counties in my state. The Cheesecake Factory has to provide nutrition information whether they like it or not.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,046
11/14/12 10:06 A

Simple math!

From PF Chang's website...

530 calories per dish
4 servings per dish

means 530 divided by 4 = 132.5 calories per serving.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,252
11/14/12 7:26 A

honestly if you really want to know, email the company for clarification.
for the lettuce wraps, it would seem like they added the four servings to help clarify how many actual portions are on their plates [four proper portions, which seems about right from the last time we ordered the lettuce wraps] since each of their entrees seems to feed whole families rather than being proper portions of food. but since they know most people aren't going to want to do the math, they give you the nutrition info for all the lettuce wraps as they come out on the plate.
for the ones listed, you'd have to compare the size of the pizza to the calories listed. if the nutrition information for one you get is 400 cals, but the pizza that comes out is an 18", odds are it would be for a slice, not the whole thing. if the pizza that came out was 8", that would be closer to that 400 number. remember that an average slice of cheese pizza is going to run you about 300 cals. if what you get is bigger than that, the calories are going to go up. if it's got every meat humans eat on it, the calories are going to go up. if it's got 4 more cheeses on it, the calories are going to go up. and remember the same thing for chips. 14 chips are about 140 cals. so one chip is roughly ten. if your guac and chips number is 50 cals, it's for one chip and dip. if it's 800 cals, it's for the whole plate.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,271
11/14/12 7:05 A

One of the things I've done is-- go to the restauran'ts website and look at their nutrtional info. They'll generally be fairly specific about whether the calorie counts include the sides or not. And the calorie counts (unless they say otherwise) are for the entire entree or entire appetizer. I'll jot down the stuff I reckon I'd want to eat (sometimes because the calorie count is so high, I'll decide to only eat half of it). Then I come back on Spark and look in the Nutrtion Tracker for that item, with the matching count.

Keep in mind at a restaurant, you do NOT have to eat it all-- you just have to pay for it all. They do not care if you eat it all or not, your server or the cook or the busboy or whoever does not care.

It's a little time-consuming, but after I've figured it out I can save it to my "favorites" so I don't have to go through that exercise again.

When in doubt at a restaurant, I always look for a section on the menu labeled "lighter fare" or something like that. A lot of restaurants do that, these days-- it's probably a fairly small section but they'll have some choices that are under 500 calories or something.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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11/13/12 11:44 A

I think what they give is the calories for the whole dish.

The only thing where that might not be the case are for things like pizza, unless it's a mini pizza. But, also use your best judgment... like for the lettuce wraps (I don't know what's in them) 530 calories sounds reasonable. 2,120 calories does not, unless they're loaded with all kinds of really bad stuff. For the cheesecake factory pizza, it says the buffalo chicken pizza has 1120 calories. That seems about right for a smaller pizza. I've never eaten there but most places that sell pizza like that, the pizzas are smaller, maybe enough for 2 people tops.

I looked in the tracker too, and there's a lot of entries for stuff. Like, there's one for the Cheesecake Factory pepperoni pizza, and it's listed as 1495 calories, and it specifically says it's for the whole pizza. Now, it's a member entered entry, so who knows if it's accurate, but that seems about right. I know that 2 slices from a large regular crust Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza is around 700 calories, so 1495 seems reasonable for a "personal pizza" type thing.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
11/13/12 11:36 A

I find that way of listing nutrition info totally confusing!

I don't think I would assume anything...I would try to order something that either it wouldn't matter if I overate (like salad or veggies), or something I would find easy to estimate (like a cut of meat).

It kind of defeats the purpose of having nutrition info listed when they don't do it in a way that is consistent with regular food labels or other restaurants!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
11/13/12 11:01 A

...but I'm going to ask it anyway! I'm looking at a restaurant's nutritional info. It gives the number of servings "per dish"", then lists that calories as being "per dish". So, I can assume that the calories given is for the whole plate and not just on serving's worth, right?

For example, it's PF Chang's, and the lettuce wraps say 4 "servings per dish". Then, it's listed as 530 "calories per dish", so that's for all the wraps, not just for 1, right? And for the entrees where it doesn't list sides (like rice or wraps) seperately, would that mean they're included in the calories total? (I usually assume that for sides, but I'm not sure here on the rice or the pancakes/wraps.)

Then, I'm looking at another menu (Cheesecake Factory), and it says things like "1 each" or "1 dish". Normally I'd think the "1 each" meant one piece (like for wings or poppers or something), but the pizzas are listed that way (is that one slice?) As well as things like guac and chips. (If you couldn't tell, I'm eating out tonight (travelling for work), and i'm trying to look at all the restaurants closest to where we'll be so I can have an idea of a few different things at a few different places ahead of time.

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