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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,760
11/15/13 1:24 P

I don't see the issue as a "stay-at-home mom" problem, it is more a matter or rearranging your day to fit in exercise before the kids are awake, when they're sleeping or while they are engaged in an activity that you are supervising (school, napping).

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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11/14/13 3:33 P

Can you find a gym with childcare near you? Taking one hour a day for yourself can make a huge difference. I know I'm a happier person (and consequently, a better mom) when I feel good about myself. For me, it also spirals into other positive changes, including healthier cooking/eating and a more active lifestyle, which benefits the whole family.

If that's not an option, maybe you can arrange with your husband for it to be your "turn" two evenings a week, where he comes home straight from work and you get out and do your workout sans kids. Or figure out a way to swap babysitting with a friend so you can take turns getting "me" time.

I know the feeling that you're losing yourself, and the guilt that being "just a SAHM" isn't enough, but I think carving out a little time to take care of yourself could be helpful.

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11/12/13 4:42 P

I really understand you! I'm a stay-at-home mom as well. When I had my first I barely gained weight. But I got pregnant again when she was only 7 month old. I gained about 30lb with my 2nd pregnancy. When my 2nd daughter was born I was so busy. Forget exercises, I didn't even have time to brush my teeth.
My girls are 24 months and 9 months and it's gotten a little easier although far from perfect. My house is not as clean as I want it to be, I want to try a gazillion new recipes but end up cooking what's healthier and faster. I also started losing myself in never ending cycle of things that need to be done.
You know what helped me? I realized that there are only 24 hours in a day and in order to add a new activity in a day(exercise) something has to go. So I reviewed my day. Yes, it is still not perfect but I try to do something every day even if it's just 10 minutes. It makes me feel better. I would turn on the music and do jumping jacks for 4-5 songs. Or just dance. My kids love when mama is going crazy and giggle a lot. Can your kids join you? Make it a game, make it fun.
As you start doing something small but be consistent about it, it will become clear to you how to modify things. I'm even considering doing Chalean Extreme workout program. Just 2 month ago I would think it's impossible because my kids are so little.
We can be fitness buddies if you'd like:)

MJF831 SparkPoints: (1,169)
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11/9/13 10:49 A

Thank you for the encouragement:) I have definitely thought about getting up at 5am to do my workout when my husband leaves for work. I need to get to bed earlier and start my day on a better note. I can make that my time to have my "mom time". I have always been a night owl, but it would be worth it to try and switch around my schedule. My husband would probably appreciate me going to bed with him at night instead of by himself.

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (535,347)
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11/9/13 8:31 A

To thine own self be true and I believe, if you really want to, anything is possible. We all have priorities and choices. One of the major keys to success is to keep moving forward on the journey, making the best of the detours and interruptions, turning adversity into advantage.” -John C. Maxw
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11/8/13 7:42 P

keep in mind putting myself first comes very easily, as I'm an only child. Mom guilt doesn't exist in my world. It's all ME ME ME.

Presuming your kids don't wake up before 5, could you get up before they get up and work out?

I think you could learn to put yourself first by scheduling time every week to start and force yourself to do something fun and/or relaxing.

MJF831 SparkPoints: (1,169)
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11/8/13 3:42 P

So I recently have become a stay at home mom this year and I am having a hard time fitting in time to workout or even have anything outside of taking care of my family and the household things. I have always worked and never let myself go like I have this past year. I have a 3yr old and a 5yr old who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I feel this constant pressure from myself to keep up with cooking,cleaning the house,doing the laundry, and spending time with the kids. Whenever I do have a few hrs free on MWF when my son is in preschool I feel like I should get errands done and other things that are hard to do with a very active 3yr old. I have an AMAZING husband but he leaves at 5am and doesn't get home until 7:30pm after he goes to crossfit. I used to be in great shape and around 160lbs. Now I can't tell you the last time I have worked out and I am 190lbs. I feel terrible about myself, but still can't seem to make myself a priority. We eat healthy, but at 32 I swear the weight just piles back on when I don't work out. Any other moms struggle with this?? I am trying to get motivated but I know how hard it will be to get back to the fitness level that I was before. I just feel like I am losing myself and who I am since I became a stay at home mom:(

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