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6/28/14 3:11 P

Thank You....hopefully it will happen soon... emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,457
6/28/14 1:29 P

I will pass along your feedback and request.


Coach Jen

MAMADUB363 SparkPoints: (16,768)
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6/28/14 12:24 P

There are many workouts that I come across that are video/DVD/youtube and they are good ones. Previously we were given the option to print the workout. I have noticed here lately all the video routines I'm receiving do NOT give that option. While videos are good to workout to - I personally like to print them and take the printed copy w/me to the GYM and use it there. I do not have the option (nor do I wish to) to utilize the dvd/video at the GYM!

Is it possible to get that option back again or establish it for the folks that like the hard copy vs. the DVD??

I've tried playing the video and transcribing the information but for one it takes forever and two you can't copy an example of the move, etc.

I'm missing out on a lot of good workouts because I can't utilize the DVD versions.


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