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8/4/13 8:09 A

WOW!!!! emoticon emoticon

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8/4/13 1:13 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/3/13 4:52 P

DANCEMOM1970, don't you just love it! I tell ya, there is nothing better than simple pleasures in this whole wide world.

Spark On!

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8/3/13 1:14 A

Well, after losing 98 lbs, it was time to go shopping for new underwear (the rest of my wardrobe has been completely changed over, mostly to Value Village stuff as I don't want to invest in good stuff until I'm at or near goal). I stood there for like 10-15 minutes getting increasingly frustrated, going through all the racks looking for some that would fit. Then it dawned on me...I no longer need to shop for underwear in the plus size section. Duh. Moved over 5 feet and success!

What a weird feeling. I probably looked like a moron in the Walmart underwear section with a giant grin on my face. LOL It has seriously been like 27 years since I've been able to buy from the "regular" section.

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