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7/2/13 4:13 P

I use my pressure cooker all the time! Lentils, beans, rice, soup, meat, veggies, any dish that can go in the pressure cooker does.

There are a lot of recipes on SparkRecipes If this link works, here's the result of searching "pressure cooker" (if the link didn't work, you can just enter those words and search SparkRecipes).

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6/1/13 4:25 P

Used to use my pressure cooker all the time, need to get it back out. It is awesome for roasts and chicken. Somewhere on this site is a recipe calculator but I must admit I have never used it. This is why I love Sparkpeople, never an end to the ideas that pop up!

5/31/13 8:09 P

I love my pressure cooker - cuts time down to a fraction of normal and I can have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. Sometimes I use the pressure cooker for meat, then I finish it under the broiler a couple minutes to get the meat surface a little crisp.

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5/7/13 2:42 P

I've got a couple of good cookbooks but would like to convert some of my older recipies to use in the pressure cooker. For some reason, I hadn't thought about browsing the internet to see if there's a guide available - and I'm a computer geek! Go figure!!

I've become a fanatic about the pressure cooker - you can make really good, healthy meals fast with little fuss!

Thanks for the suggestions

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5/6/13 4:58 P

I used to use one many, many years ago and I loved it! My favorite recipe was Porcupine Meatballs and the best way to make them is in the pressure cooker because when they are finished, the rice sticks out of the meatballs like a porcupine's quills. Have you checked the internet for pressure cooker recipes or browsed through cookbooks on Amazon? I am sure there are some out there.

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5/6/13 1:49 P

Does anyone else use a pressure cooker? I've found it to be a great way to fix tough cuts of meat that would take all day in the oven or a slow cooker AND put a good meal on the table in a short amount of time. I'm looking for recipes or an easy way to convert standard recipes.

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