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Pressure Cooker: Any lowcarb veg/fish ideas?

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2/8/12 8:16 P

I can only second what others have said about the fish not being a good candidate for the pressure cooker. (I am new to pressure cooking and I absolutely love it.) I would make up a pot of beans, rice, or grains and vegetables in the pressure cooker, and saute the fish in a pan. It just takes a minute, then you can place it on top of or next to your grains and veggies. I believe I will give that a try myself!

I am finding the best pressure cooker recipes on I have a couple of cookbooks but they are both too complicated. Maybe later, after I have more experience.

We had ham and beans (a healthy version) for dinner tonight. I didn't soak the beans, the dish cooked under pressure in 25 minutes, and it was absolutely delicious. I've also made mushroom and butternut squash risotto which was delish. Last night I pressure cooked a spaghetti squash and it was a disaster. I cooked it too long and it fell apart. The stuffing that I made had to be combined with the squash as a casserole. :) Live and learn.

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2/7/12 7:57 P

Cooking fish in the pressure cooker in not a good idea, it will turn into a mush. Meat with bones cook very well in the pressure cooker. I used to eat goat meat , and my father always made goat curry in the pressure cooker and it used to be so good ( just melt in your mouth).
Don't eat meat anymore but use lots of beans and it's all done in the pressure cooker.Veg stew also can be made in pressure cooker

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2/7/12 10:59 A

Fish is so quick cooking that using a pressure cooker for it, IMHO, will result in a very mushy or rubbery product. Vegetarian dishes are likely to focus on lentils, beans, or grains (steelcut oats) that take a very long time to cook normally.

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2/6/12 9:28 P

You have started my favorite subject. I have 5 pressure cookers in different sizes.
Start experimenting, you can cook lentils, beans, chick peas, black eyes peas. All of these take 2 hours to cook otherwise, pressure cooker cooks them in 40 minutes.
I always soak my beans overnight , lentil don't need to soak. If you are using pink lentils those cook without the pressure cooker in 20 minutes.
I normally boil the different kind of bean in pressure cooker then season them any way I want. Normally with ginger-garlic, onion cumin and garam masala and onions.
Try some Indian recipes online for lentils(Dal) you will find something which you like.

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1/1/12 9:16 A

Hi all! I got a pressure cooker for christmas and I was wondering if anyone had any low carbish vegetarian (fish allowed) favorites for it? I'm ready to try new things with it.

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