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Have you talked to your doctor about how many calories you should be consuming? Your doctor would be able to tell you how much you should be eating and what sort of weight gain you should expect.

I can relate-when I was pregnant (with twins) I was freaking about the weight gain. I had always been a size 6, and by the time I delivered I was 198 pounds. (63 pounds gained). it wasn't that much over the high end of what was suggested for twins, but the number had me freaked when i was pregnant. I was so worried that the weight would never come off. I wanted to eat for the babies, but didn't want to gain extra weight. I didn't feel like my eating was out of control, but I kept gaining and gaining. They were only 2 weeks early and had a combined weight of almost 13 pounds.

I wish I would have discussed my concerns with my doctor.

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Allibear, with all due respect, just because your experience was different doesn't mean that other women's experiences are invalid. Breastfeeding *can* cause you to have a hard time losing weight. It doesn't follow for everyone, but it most assuredly is true. I have known many, many women who held on to that last 10 or so lbs until they stopped nursing, at which time it just fell off. that doesn't mean that you, personally, can't lose weight, just that some women find their bodies are slower to lose weight than when they're not breastfeeding.

To the OP: You will gain weight, but you have options. Are you tracking? You do need extra calories to compensate for your increased need, since you're eating for two... but remember that those aren't two adults. ;) You need about 300-500 calories extra per day.

Sparkpeople has a sister site for pregnant and nursing moms:

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I have a 9-months old baby (my second). With my first, I lost the text-book-perfect 25 pounds, got right back in the swing of things after, and felt great. With my second, I had some fertility issues, gained about 20lbs before I even got pregnant, then gained 40lbs more during pregnancy. Blah. But then my son was born at over 10lbs, so I guess I needed that extra weight!

I'm a firm believer that health and fitness goes beyond "calories in, calories out". Especially when you are pregnant, it's about the kind of calories you consume. As long as you are eating healthy food, and eating appropriate portions when you are hungry, your body will be at the weight it needs to be. There will be lots of time after the baby is born to get back in shape. Right now, just focus on feeding yourself and your baby the healthy calories you need and don't worry about the scale!

P.S. I have lost those 60lbs I gained, while breastfeeding (a lot of women say breastfeeding keeps them fat, but it isn't true). I eat well and exercise a lot with the baby; walking, running, doing floor exercises while baby has his "tummy time". You can do it, too. Good luck to you, and congratulations!

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1/17/13 5:42 P

I had lost weight prior to my first pregnancy as well and really stressed about whether I was gaining enough or too much weight. My midwife told me to put the scale away. Fretting about weight gain while pregnant was not, in her opinion, healthy for me or the baby. She encouraged me to eat healthy foods when I felt hungry and try to get in as much exercise as felt comfortable to me (I had terrible fatigue that made it hard to work out).

In the end, I did gain a fair amount of weight, but once I had healed from delivery, I returned to my old exercise routine and continued to eat healthy (with an increased calorie goal for breast feeding) and the weight came off. I followed the same approach with my second pregnancy and am now back on Spark People and have lost 17 lbs. already and my daughter is only 5 months old.

Just be healthy and enjoy your pregnancy.

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Hi everyone. I am about 4 months pregnant and I am adding a lot of weight (6 kg so far). Before I got pregnant I was using Sparkpeople and lost almost 10 kg. Now I find difficult to exercise and eat properly. I need some motivation to avoid excessive weight gain.

Warm emoticon emoticon from Mozambique


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