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8/22/12 1:09 P

Hey FruitLoop!

Fellow preggo here! I haven't (at 14 weeks) had real cravings yet, but once I hit my minimum preggo nutrition goals (calcium, iron, fibre, 7-8 servings veggies and fruit) and I have a few dozen (or hundred) calories left, or sometimes haven't even hit my minimum, then I know I've nourished my baby, and if I want a 1/2 cup of ice cream with some fresh raspberries, or even some french fries, I can.

You aren't eating for two. But there are times your stomach will growl and you will need to feed it. You will go over range some day. Hit your minimum nutrition goals, then eat your ice cream!

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8/20/12 7:08 A


What really helped me was thinking about how much i wanted to give my baby the absolute best start in life. And the way to do that is eating healthy, taking really good care of yourself. To much bad food can lead to to much weight gain, which can create dangers for the baby. For example high blood pressure is not good for you or the baby.
Thinking about that, in a positive way, don't bring yourself down for slipping up every once in a while, because that is also not good for the baby, really helped me.
You can also try to find some baby related distraction, fussing around with all the new stuff for baby like clothing and other things really could keep me busy and distracted for hours.
Taking a walk is also good distraction and good for both of you.

Pregnancy cravings are really tough so every time you can control it you are doing awesome! The rest of the time try to substitute with something healthy or to moderate.

Congrats with the pregnancy!

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8/19/12 1:13 A

You may want to try it is by spark people, but it is made for pregnancy. I bet they have a ton of advice that could help. Good luck, and congratulations!

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8/17/12 2:07 P


I agree that pregnancy cravings are a whole different ballgame. What you could try is something like Skinny Cow. Skinny Cow products are really good and they are low calorie. You might even try something like an Italian Ice or even gelato too. Both are lower in calorie and saturated fat than ice cream. sorbet and sherberts are two other good options.

If you really want ice cream and think you can portion control it, have a small bowl or cup. Don't deny yourself or you'll end up over eating something else later.

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8/16/12 10:46 P

Pregnancy cravings are a whole different kettle of fish - and for this you are better talking with your Dr and/or Dietitian.


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8/16/12 9:54 P

I am a true believer in moderation. Have the ice cream, but only 1/2 cup or so. Don't deprive yourself, but don't overdo it either. Congrats!

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8/16/12 8:54 P

Have you had PMS cravings? how do you deal with those? you use the same techniques to deal with pregnancy cravings.

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8/16/12 8:19 P

I keep wanting ice cream. With my first pregnancy, I wasn't really craving anything, but I did whatever whnever. In hopes to eat healthier, I feel hungry constantly, but feel too lazy to eat??? I dont know, but sometimes I just keep eating all day. on and off. Mostly my days off work of course. at work I work in McDonalds and only eat on my break of course but my days off are filled with sweets and junk. I might be about 8 weeks now.

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