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I agree. there is absolutely no need to be bummed out. It stinks to be told you have diabetes and high cholesterol. But at least you know and can do something about it. I've read that over 30% of the people who have diabetes don't know they have it.

One thing you should do is check out the Spark'D Program for diabetic members. There's a lot of information to help you manage your diabetes. I'm sure your doctor will be giving you more information too.

3/5/13 3:58 P

Don't be bummed out. At least you know where you are starting. If you stay within your calorie range using the tracker the weight will come off and the prediabetic condition and cholesterol problem will solve itself. Watch the tracker and try to stay in the area for your cholesterol etc. I was type 11 diabetes when I started this journey. Now I have come off the medication and am no longer considered diabetic. If you need someone to talk to just drop me a line.

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So I got my blood work back from the wellness program my work has started and I am being told I am prediabetic and I have high cholesterol. Which means I need to start making changes to my diet. Which is not going to be easy since I practically live on sodas and have a weakness for all pastas and breads. I was happy last week because I had lost 4 pounds. Now I'm bummed and not looking forward to this!

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