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You do not burn more fat on an empty stomach. That is an old myth that has been perpetuated for many years. That being said, working out on a full tummy may cause issues, too. The food you eat is not going to be used to so-call fuel your workouts--it's going to be used to help stabilize your blood sugar. Therefore having a piece of fruit or some juice may help you get through your workout, but that does depend on how many hours it has been since you last ate.

If you have not eaten more than 3-4 hours before working out, you will want to eat something before, but you will most definitely want to eat something afterward--some carbs and protein--say a fruit and nut butter or string cheese and fruit, even Greek yogurt.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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This is the wrong place for this post, I just realized. I'm sorry.

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I work 3rd shift, and have recently ( last two weeks ) been coming home from work and driving straight to the YMCA. I work out most days from 30 minutes to an hour, and I am doing roughly 2/3 cardio 1/3 strength. I'm noticing that as I push myself more, I'm not performing as well. ( Duah. I know. Duah.) I think I'm maybe pushing myself a little too much on the strength training and not enough in cardio. Anyway, my question is this.

Should I be eating a meal before working out and if so, what kinds of things should I be eating?

I asked the skinny people at the Y and most of them ignored me, but the people who actually answered me basically were of the consensus that coffee = good, food = bad. A guy told me that if I didn't eat I would be burning fat during my workout... which is obviously what I want, but I came home and looked it up online and read something saying that it's pulling fuel from my muscles and not my stored fat. Ideas?

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