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7/19/14 10:04 P

Another option to consider is drinking some of the calories you are going to need during your run, as this is often absorbed faster. If you are hydrating before a run, why not a glass of juice rather than just water.

And during a run, perhaps a sports drink (which often have surprising numbers of calories). Buying them in powder form and mixing your own is usually cheaper than buying them ready-made.


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7/19/14 9:00 P

If you think that you are eating enough before your run, maybe you should consider taking food with you to eat on-the-go. This seems to be generally (or at least often) recommended for runs longer than 1hr. There are blocks and gels, or some people prefer to bring along real food; whichever works best with your digestion system-- I personally can tolerate gels but not anything solid while running, but YMMV.

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7/11/14 3:07 P

I can't eat within about two hours before I run, so since I run early in the morning, I don't eat until after. So far, my longest run has been a half, and a bagel with peanut butter was sufficient breakfast for me after those runs. I do take a Gu at about the 8-mile mark if my run is longer than about 10 miles, though, so that helps.

Bananas are typically a good choice, too, either before or after a run. If you add one to your bagel (full-sized, not bagel thin), that might do the trick.

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7/11/14 2:55 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

I do my long runs in the morning, and eat a regular breakfast an hour or so before. But everyone is different, and some people can't eat that much so close to the time they are going to workout. You'll just want to experiment to find what works for you.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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7/11/14 1:50 P

I am currently training to do a 1/2 marathon in November. I am looking for suggestions on what to eat and how long before my run I should eat. I was eating a bagel thin with peanut butter and I increased to a regular bagel - but now that my runs are over 7 miles, I'm starving at the end of them and I don't think this will hold me as my runs get longer. Any suggestions?

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