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LAURAEFOX23 Posts: 164
6/19/11 2:51 P

Thanks, Motivated! I just got back from it and I burned 830 calories total (walking to class, class, then back home uphill). Its only been 3 weeks of this. I hope after a few months I will finally see some changes in my body! :)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
6/18/11 12:25 A

Brisk walking up a 20% incline sounds like awesome exercise!!

LAURAEFOX23 Posts: 164
6/17/11 1:18 P

Thanks WolfSpiritMom,

I agree- the only wheat carbs I eat is oatmeal for breakfast. Other than that it is just fruits and veggies. I've been eating that way for a few months and still no weight loss... :(

P.S. I have also had all the blood work done for cortisol, thyroid, etc and there is nothing wrong with me.

WOLFSPIRITMOM SparkPoints: (89,665)
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6/17/11 12:59 P

That sounds good. In the eating department it would probably help if you ditched the processed carbs. Carbs put on weight, fat does not. Done a lot of research on it and it works for me. Don't get rid of your veggies though.

LAURAEFOX23 Posts: 164
6/17/11 11:21 A

Hi Unident,

I just cleared my account and started over with my new routine (which is 5 days a week, burn average of 800 calories each time = 4,000 calories burned per week) I set my goal to lose 19 pounds, and to lose 1 pound per week.

It says: Eat between 1510 and 1860 calories per day
Burn 4000 calories per week

What do you think?

I am frustrated because I have been trying to lose weight for 3 years and have not lost a single pound with the old gym routine (cardio and strength 6-7 days a week). I am hoping that this new routine will shock my system- plus Bar Method gets fantastic reviews for results- but it makes me nervous that I am not doing enough cardio since I am not in the gym. I do have a lot more energy now, however, and 3 years of hours in the gym with zero results and extreme exhaustion was excruciating.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/17/11 1:32 A

Are your spark goals set up accurately? How does 1600 fit into your spark range?

LAURAEFOX23 Posts: 164
6/17/11 12:35 A

Thank you for the responses!

I forgot to mention that according to my Polar HR Monitor, I burn between 750-850 calories per workout, and I do this routine 5 days a week.

I was a total gym rat before I injured my back, and I started Bar Method as a non impact way to strength train. In order to still get cardio in I am walking to/from, but I just can't shake the guilt of not going to the gym.

I am working with an RD and my RMR was tested and is 1400. I am eating around 1600 calories a day, with a ratio of 40/30/30.

With this additional information, does this still sound like a good plan?

Thanks again in advance...

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/16/11 4:23 A

Weight loss is about nutrition, not exercise.

You are doing a healthy level of exercise.

I would not run down the hill though. Running trainers often recommend walking down hills while training as you don't really need to train in downhill and you put yourself at so much more injury risk. Since you already have back and hip issues, I'd really stick to the walking.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/16/11 12:30 A

Object of the game is to move more without annoying your injuries.. If this is what you can do without discomfort- try to relax.. Nutrition is 80% of the journey, make sure your meal composition is in parameters with sparks..
Enjoy exercise, I am also a retired runner too, I do what I can when I can and relax when pain raises it's ugyly head.. I found strength training also helped my aches and pains.. I did it efter consulting my doctor and chiropactor..

LAURAEFOX23 Posts: 164
6/16/11 12:21 A

Due to a recent back injury, and an old reoccurring hip flexor injury, I can no longer run. I live at the top of a very steep hill in San Francisco. The hills are approx. a 20% grade.

5 days a week I lightly jog down the hills for about 20 minutes, go to an hour long Bar Method class (which is a type of strength training using my own body weight) and then power walk back up the hills (I'll take one hill up, then over one block on flat surface, then repeat one hill up, etc) which takes about 35 minutes. I finish with power climbing the 6 flights of stairs to my apartment.

When I am on the hills, my heart rate is between 160-168. When I do the flat block in between each hill my heart rate recovers to 125-130. I am 34 years old, 145 pounds, 5'3.

Is this a good routine for weight loss? Is this enough cardio? I used to do spinning and elliptical, but did not lose any weight and was utterly exhausted to the point of feeling flu-ish everyday. I am nervous because I feel like if I am not on a "machine" or in a class I am not doing real cardio.

Does this plan sound good? I've been doing it for 2 weeks so far.

Thank you!!

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