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7/29/11 12:08 P

Yep, glycogen loss, and water loss since glycogen holds a lot of water.

If your doctor used a BIA scale and trusted its readings, he hasn't looked into it very much.

It's possible to lose a pound a day, but you'd have to walk continuously for about 9 hours a day.

Results will probably level out, but enjoy it while it lasts. And certainly, as someone said, when (if) that happens, don't be disheartened. Remember this is a years-long effort, really the rest of your life, not just a short-term deal.

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7/27/11 7:40 P

Thanks. I learned something new today: glycogen.

Saw your post related to the hackers diet. I just finished the book and adjusted my numbers to the moving average.

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7/27/11 2:39 P

Just because you use diuretics doesn't mean it's all fat. There can be pounds of glycogen factored into this as well. Particularly when you go from a surplus to a deficit, your body will draw from glycogen reserves. You can deplete them within 72 hours especially if you're exercising and eating very low cals. Some call this the "whoosh". This weight will likely return in some shape of fashion (and that's OK, really). It could return in the form of slower weight loss progress over the next weeks or months, to a stall or a gain. But by and large, things will happen by the numbers if you take the average weight over time.

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7/27/11 2:31 P

I think I'll use Alli for the next 50 pounds... maybe, it all depends on the doctor.

By the way, my weight loss is now 2 - 3 pounds per week, but my coach says its too little, that she is expecting 6 - 8 as with her other successful clients... so I'm on a strict "test week". I'll try it, but it makes you go WTF!!??

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7/18/11 10:08 A

How long will you need to take alli? Perhaps if that is a short-term issue, you may slow down a bit when you go off the prescription? But regardless, nice start- keep it up and don't get discouraged if you slow down the weight loss a bit!

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7/15/11 10:30 A

Hey, thanks for the advice!

I'm not trying to loose this fast, it is just happening... I'm telling myself it will not last, so I don't get discouraged when the numbers start falling. They WILL fall.

The math junkie me is expecting a 4 week period moving average of 1 pound per week, so anything arround that will be just fine. But I'm 11 days in and feeling better with my change of habbits, so I will enjoy the road to destination.

7/14/11 10:18 P

I had surgery a couple of months ago and went on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks because it hurt to eat real food. I had the same weight loss. 10 pounds in 10 days. After I started eating real food again, I found this site and I've been loosing an average of a pound a week for the last 8 weeks. I hit a plateau though last week, but I didn't gain any back. I'm traveling this week, so we'll see what happens. Congrats on your great start though and keep working. It will come off if you just keep it up.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,524
7/14/11 7:30 P

are you sure you should be eating between 1200 and 1400 calories per day? :S It sounds to me like you may not be eating enough

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7/14/11 7:18 P


My experience has been that the faster it comes off the faster it goes back on. I thought the idea here was to gradually change to good eating habits and develop a healthy lifestyle that would last you the rest of your life.

I have been where you are many times over the past 40 years and believe me it will not last if it comes off that quickly. In the past i have always become obsessed with loosing the weight and have dropped it quickly. However, i have always put it back on again. This is not a competition, it can be a long term life or death situation.

Good Luck

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7/14/11 5:45 P

Congrats on the initial success! Bear in mind that the reason you dropped so much so fast is because at the beginning of the program your body is in a kind of shock. Do no, I repeat, Do NOT get bummed out when that number falls drastically in the next week or two. The results you're going to start seeing will be the more typical numbers that you can expect from your diet, probably in the 2-3 a week range. You'll only go higher than that if you start going really extreme, and that might not be good for you.

Keep it up and you'll be a lean 180 in just a few months :)

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7/14/11 1:42 P

Glad to see there's a space for us in the site...

Ok. So this is the thing: I started a program to loose weight, I've changed the way I eat and started doing excercise. I'm 5' 7", 250 pounds (...well 240 now).

I eat from 1200 to 1400 calories per day, do a 30 minute spinning routine every morning, and I take Alli (Dr's prescription). I´ve been on this program for 10 days, and I´ve lost 1 pound per day straight. The Dr. used his electronic scale and found 90% of the loss was actually fat. I know it was not water because I use diuretics to control high pressure, so I am most of the time on the lower range when it comes to water retention.

Don't take me wrong, I am very, very glad. I had never experienced this rate, not even with the Atkins diet...

I am just curious to know if anyone has experienced this also during the first weeks. I am telling myself this rate will not last to keep my expectations low, but 10 days and it keeps on going... The nutriologist that is coaching me says it is exceptional but not improbable, she has seen these results before in men (not actually in women) and she wouldn't be surprised or worried if the results keep at a rate of 0.5 pounds per day as long as I keep my calories above 1200 and keep doing cardio.

I feel great by the way. I´ve never had this much energy in a long, long time!

I know many of you guys have been extremely succesful fighting fat, so what do you think? Any advice?

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