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11/2/11 5:17 P

My daughter will be 3 in January. I've done all the things here that worked so well for all the posters and then my daughter just kept pooping in her undies. She was doing ok with the peeing but would just poop in her undies then come tell us. I was getting frustrated but better at hiding it (I think) my husband was not good at hiding it and he won't read anything on it so all the advice of be calm don't berate or make a big deal about the accidents... he's not hearing it. I'm pretty sure we created a power struggle with her b/c she backslid bigtime. Won't go to potty and then peeing or pooping on herself multiple times. So I decided that my husband needs to cool out and I need to cool out so I went back to pull ups.... I'm not sure diapers will fit her she's the size of a 4 year old. I'm leaving it alone for now and hopefully we can start in a better place after everyone has had a chance to cool off... either that or she's going to kindergarten in her pullups...

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10/31/11 2:37 P

Patience and understanding, they are way too busy for all that mess. There is so much going on to have to stop. But make sure she's ready, (not just because you are), she has to be. Make it fun, even the accidents. After all we dont punish them when they fall down when learning to walk. Let her have some choices, like the other mom let her choose her big girl panties. Make up songs and sing and dance. But most of all patience is the key.

10/29/11 5:09 P

We started trying to potty train our daughter when she was two, but she absolutely hated the potty. We tried different chairs, using the big potty, taking her in the bathroom when I went, letting her pick out underwear, etc, etc, but she would scream like a banshee every time we made her sit on the potty or put panties on her. After a week or so of this, we decided to let her go at her own pace. We talked about how much we liked using the potty, how cool big girl panties were, etc. but did not force her to sit on the potty or wear underwear instead of diapers. Finally when she was 3, we had to switch babysitters. The new sitter had a 4 yo daughter who used the potty. My daughter saw her using the potty and wearing panties and decided she wanted to start doing that too. If you have friends or family with girls around her age that use a potty, you might try spending time with them and talking about how they use the potty and how much fun it is. Try to keep everything positive and fun. Anytime we tried to push or punish, it would just backfire.

10/13/11 6:37 P

Here's what I did:
Go to the store and let her pick out her big girl underwear. Have her help throw out all her diapers. Offer her the potty every half hour or so, and give her a treat when she goes. When she messes up, tell her it's okay and it sometimes happens, clean her off and change her clothes. The daycare gave me the curriculum and it really worked. Alita stopped having accidents after about a week. She was a little over 2 when we started. Then again, at about a year old she used to go to her bumbo chair to poop. When I noticed that, I would just take her by the hand and lead her to the potty whenever it looked like she had to go, so she was poopy trained well before she was peepee trained (about 18 months). She just REALLY hated poop touching her butt.

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10/13/11 10:43 A

Mama, in my opinion, you are handling this just right. I promise you, she won't go to college (or kindergarten, for that matter!) in diapers.

Raising children is like everything else-you have to pick your battles. In the end, she'll get "housebroke". There's so many other huge issues you confront as a parent. Using the potty is small stuff. (Even if it is expensive to keep buying those doggoned diapers!)

10/12/11 9:29 P

One tip I'd like to share is DON'T use pull-ups! Took me too long to figure that one out, lol. It held my daughter back. She didn't train until 3.5 years old because I used them. To her, as long as she had one on (which is like a diaper) she would just freely go. I finally ditched the pull-ups completely and went straight to underwear and voila, never had accident. She just took off with it like she's been trained for years. I didn't even really need to say a thing - she knew what she had to do. I didn't have to use rewards or charts (though they are useful to some children!) She just needed out of those pull-ups :)

Being that that's all it took for us, I don't really have any other words of wisdom except keep it fun and pressure-less - Good Luck :)

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10/11/11 9:22 P

My 3 year old seems to just not care. We've been trying to potty train for the last year. I was getting excited last summer because I thought we may have mastered it. But then, one day she just decided she wasn't doing it anymore. The I totaled up the cost of pull-ups and about fainted. We decided just to go back to diapers until she comes back to say she's ready, then we are going to do nothing but panties. But it's so frustrating because she knows she has pooped or peed and she'll even tell us. But she doesn't care, she doesn't mind being in a saggy pamper all day.

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10/11/11 2:00 P

Yes-I forgot the asking about every hour if my dd needed to potty! I also had a bunch of little songs we'd sing, like "Stop! Potty Time!" (as in, "Stop! Hammer Time"!) and "Let's go potty now, every body's learning how, come on and go potty with me" (Like the Beach Boys Surf Safari. I work in radio. Everything is a freakin song with me lol!) Just make it fun, silly, and make it something she wants to do, not another drudgery, or chore that you AND she dread. Plus, unless you are a stay at home Mom, make sure EVERY ONE who cares for her is on the same page as you. Being consistent is pretty important.

I see so many parents who make potty training a power struggle. It just does not have to be that hard!

I sound like a real know-it-all don't I? Sorry!

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10/11/11 12:30 A

I bought my daughter her first potty chair shortly before her second birthday because she asks for a potty so we went to the store and picked out one together. I placed it in the family room where the family usually hangs out so whenever she was ready to use it she either takes down her own pants or tells me potty. Sometimes I also will tAke off her diaper when we get home And let her run around naked and remind her to use potty if she has to poop or pee, then when she does use potty we celebrate together and I let her bring Potty to bathroom to empty it into toilet. She's happy, I don't pressure her and she's basically training herself. She still needs nighttime diapers though.

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10/10/11 5:06 P

Make sure the "potty experience" is fun, and make sure that she has "control" over it.

So many parents turn it into a horrible and stressful thing for every one, and it doesn't have to be that way!

I am one of those annoying mothers who had no problems potty training my daughter. She got a potty chair for her birthday when she turned two. I even let her pick her own. Then I put the potty seat right in front of mine in the bathroom (this was possible because of the lay out of our throne room, your model may vary!), and every time I went to the potty, she came with me. We sat, played, talked, and had fun while I went. Once in a while, I'd swing the conversation over to how cool it was to use the potty, how wonderfully fun it was to flush everything. I did this for a few days before she realized that she had control over her own waste products-she could make herself pee or poop. Once she figured that out, we had no issues and almost no accidents. The whole thing took about a week and half. The ONLY drawback is that now at 8 years old, she comes barging into the bathroom with me half the time lol!

If she has an accident-whether intentional or not-treat it like no big deal. If they find out something "gets to you", they will use it to manipulate you. If these things become no big deal, then there is nothing for them to use.

I would also avoid using pull ups. I believe it is confusing to kids. If you are going to keep the child in a diaper, keep them in one. If you are going to go for the big kid undies, go for them.

My experience comes from my years spent in the trenches at a preschool working with two year olds. They can be delightful terrors in equal measure!

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10/9/11 7:18 P

Who has some!! Help desperate momma here!!

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