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6/15/14 3:39 P

That makes sense! Thank you!

6/15/14 2:33 P

The potassium is probably lost in the liquid.
If you drink the liquid--you get the potassium.
If you just eat the cabbage, you get less.

I know that peeled potatoes that are soaked in water lose potassium as well.


6/15/14 10:39 A

where does the potassium go when you cook it? For example cabbage (1/2 cup)has 4 points when cooked and 6 points when it's raw (1 cup). Usually 1c cabbage - about 1/2 cooked.

6/14/14 1:54 P

Potassium and magnesium are 2 nutrients that do not have to be included on a food label. So if you are using foods in the nutrition tracker that were entered by members, the potassium and magnesium is probably 0; when it fact the food may contain some. So you are probably getting more of these nutrients than your report currently shows.

To get a more accurate report, try to use most of your food entries from the selections that are not entered by members---then see how you compare to the recommendations.

I also found this potassium listing that uses a point system. I think you may find it helpful as you assess your diet. Check it out:

Your SP Registered Dietitian

6/14/14 10:13 A

I have blood pressure problems, have trouble getting enough potassium and magnesium levels are always short on Spark food charts - add supplements, eat bananas, and other fruits and veggies ?

PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
6/14/14 10:03 A

Thank you all, SO MUCH. That was very helpful. I'm not having any trouble with blood pressure, so I must be getting enough potassium without even realizing it. I DID eat half a banana on my cereal this morning (along with 4 strawberries to help reduce banana taste), so that will up it a couple hundred. I was just concerned because SP added that nutrient to my daily tracking, so I thought it must be important to reach the goal.

6/14/14 9:52 A

ANARIE hit the nail on the head.
--Do use the generic food items in your nutrition tracker. These come from the USDA food database and include the potassium content. It will give you the most accurate assessment of your intake.
--Never take a potassium supplement, unless you talk to your doctor first. It can be very dangerous.
--Would you like a listing of higher potassium food sources???

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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6/14/14 2:28 A

I ditto ANARIE.

If you THINK you might need a supplement, make an appointment with your Dr and get bloods done. That is the only way a person should take potassium supplements, and in fact, most supplements. Too much can have very serious, and even fatal consequences.


ANARIE Posts: 13,184
6/14/14 12:28 A

Never take a potassium supplement unless it's prescribed by a cardiologist. The potassium in supplements is a different form from the potassium in food, and it can affect your heart rhythm. (If you get too much from food, your body just doesn't absorb it.

Potassium isn't one of the nutrients that are required on nutrition labels, so if you're eating any brand-name foods, your tracker isn't counting the potassium from them. You're probably getting a lot more than you think-- if you eat your 5 fruits and veggies every day and use some dairy, you're most likely very close. Try using the generic listings in the tracker that come from the USDA when you can-- in other words, instead of "Borden Lite Line Milk," use the one that says "Milk, cow, skim or fat free." Or else, don't worry. If you have high blood pressure you'll need to monitor potassium more closely, but if your blood pressure is fine and your doctors aren't concerned, then just eat plenty of veggies and you should be okay.

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6/13/14 10:04 P

I have no idea how to get the adequate amount of potassium from dietary sources. I supplement heavily, and that seems to work. I monitor my lab results, and those are fine since I've been doing so. Be sure you balance your microminerals - sodium goes along with potassium, too.
If you like it, bone broth is a great source for minerals, and very easy to make. I love the stuff. At least that would give you some "real food" source alongside the supplement.

PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
6/13/14 9:59 P

I can't seem to reach the suggested 4500 to 6000 mg of potassium, no matter what I schedule to eat. It usually ends up around the 2000 mark, so even if I ate 2 whole bananas I wouldn't be anywhere near the amount suggested. (And I don't much care for bananas unless they're in a banana split). How are the rest of you planning your meals to achieve 4500 mg? I've been taking vitamin pills to reach goals set for some of the other nutrients, but my vitamin pill has no potassium in it.

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