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2/25/14 2:07 P

also try for an expanded list of nutrients in certain foods.


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2/25/14 11:32 A

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For some other good Potassium sources....have that baked potato, dried apricots, dried raisins, low sodium V8, and meat....

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2/25/14 11:29 A

Cool. Thank you. I figured they would have put it on the label.

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2/25/14 11:13 A

Potassium isn't one of the nutrients that are required on labels. Go to the USDA database and look up the potassium numbers for a generic yogurt entry-- there won't be much difference between brands.

And be aware that if you're relying on your tracker and you use brand-name foods, you're getting a lot more potassium than it shows. Almost all brand name foods will show 0 for potassium, but almost every non-junk food has at least a little. If you're interested in tracking nutrients other than those required on labels, you'll be better off using generic listings whenever you can (e.g., find the entry for "milk, non-fat or skim" rather than "Borden Lite-Line Skim Milk.")

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,253
2/25/14 11:03 A

The labels on small packages are usually abbreviated since there is not a lot of room.

Go to the website for the yogurt and find out if there is a more comprehensive label

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2/25/14 10:59 A

So I had decided to track my sodium and potassium since my body is one that likes to retain water and from what I have read the two go hand in hand. As I figured I was on the high side for sodium and the low side for potassium.

So looking for sources of potassium I found yogurt listed as good in potassium. I like yogurt so, Yay! I look at my yogurt here at home and it has no potassium on the label. So I look online at other yogurts and can't find potassium listed on any of them.

So what's the deal? Is it just one kind of yogurt that I can't seem to find that has the potassium?

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