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CLADY326 Posts: 29,018
4/16/09 11:15 A

Okay, well thank you so much for the info on the potassium. I thought I was going crazy. YAY! So I have been getting more potassium than what I thought. emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,566
4/16/09 11:12 A

That probably depends on who you ask. Personally, I'd go for the non fat milk.

Coach Jen

CLADY326 Posts: 29,018
4/16/09 11:05 A

Very interesting, I didn't know that. And I bought the Soy Milk specially cause it listed the potassium on the label.

Which is better soy or non fat milk?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,566
4/16/09 10:31 A

Potassium is one nutrient that's optional- it doesn't have to be reported on the label.

Coach Jen

CLADY326 Posts: 29,018
4/16/09 10:26 A

It's not listed on the label. I looked up Bayview Farms and Sunnysyide Farms to see if they had a full nutritional list or facts on the non-milk. But I can't seem to find a website on them. The labels don't direction to a phone # or web site either.

I didn't know that about the nutrition labels. I thought they had to list everything.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,566
4/16/09 7:23 A

Does the label at the store actually show potassium as being 0mg, or does it just not list it? There are some foods that don't list it on the label even though it's a nutrient in the product.

Coach Jen

CLADY326 Posts: 29,018
4/16/09 6:48 A

I noticed on the Biggest Loser show on tuesday night, Jillian was talking to the Helen (Pink) and telling her the needs and benefits of drinking milk. Potassium was in that list of vitamin/nutrient.

I recently purchased "soy milk" which has 350 mg of potassium per serving. I was reading milk (non-fat, whole or 2%, 1%) labels and none of these labels listed potassium. Thus prompting me to buy the "soy milk".

But when I go to "my nutrition tracker" and go to "add food" and go to "food search" and enter "non-fat" milk and look at the nutritional values it shows 1 svg (8 oz) as having 406 mg of potassium.

I have looked up information on "calorie king" under non-fat milk and it shows 419 mg of potassium per svg (8 oz)

I looked on and they show non-fat milk with potassium at 415 mg per svg (8 oz)

I looked up the info on "calorie count", the non-fat milk shows potassium at 382 mg per svg (8 oz)

So as you can see it really has me wondering which nutritional value is correct. Not that I have to have the exact exact amount "mg" wise. But is it 0 mg like the labels at the food store or what I have looked up and what spark people nutritional data shows?

Help? Totally confused here....

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