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4/11/13 10:44 P

See a doctor if you have back pain

Remember to take time to enjoy the journey!
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4/11/13 10:44 P

Okay, thank you!

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4/11/13 10:42 P

One of the tenets is whenever someone has a back pain, it is best to have a medical evaluation. Making any exercise recommendation without a medical evaluation may exacerbate an issue. Sorry.

Coach Nancy

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4/11/13 10:32 P

It doesn't hurt all the time, just when I try to do it for long periods of time. It's like it gets tired and sore.

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4/11/13 10:27 P


I agree that seeing your doctor to rule out a medical issue, besides just having a weak core or lumbar spine instability.

Coach Nancy

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4/11/13 10:15 P

If correct posture causes you pain, you should probably talk to your doctor. Good posture shouldn't hurt.

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4/11/13 10:11 P

What do you do to keep your back from hurting when you are using good posture? I find that when I make a conscious effort to do so, it is painful for my back.

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