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8/2/14 10:39 A

What do you mean "not able to be as active?"

At 4-weeks post surgery, you should be able to full-out exercise again and build back up to your previous level of endurance.

I had a hysto a couple of years ago, followed 6 months later by gallbladder removal. I had extensive complications, but was still able to exercise once released to do so by my doctors.

You should be able to do whatever you want with your nutrition at this point unless you have specific orders otherwise from your doctor.

Check out the DONE Girls team--it is fairly active.

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8/1/14 10:02 P

Wanted to also reply... I am poet TAHBSO in 2010, because of uterine cancer . I not only have been battling with weight, but also a huge ventral hernia that the surgeon won't repair until I lose weight... I know my hormones are out of sync but I will not be put on hormone therapy by my doctor(s) because my cancer was very rare and I guess they just don't do that therapy anymore. So I want to lose, I'm Sparking, I'm running, I'm recording my intake, increasing my water , i joined a gym...and today I had a 6 month follow up with my GI doctor to find out I GAINED 4 pounds! I am so discouraged right now. My hernia sticks out 2 inches further on one side of my lower abdomin. Sure I feel better physically, and I am running which I never thought I could do. And I am ALIVE. So much to be thankful for yet I am so sad. As I sat to explain to my dr. About, and the measures I am taking. That I am running 5 k.yada yada... He just sat and looked at me like I was lying. And his words to me were " you need to reduce your portions. It's hard at first but your stomach will reduce."( he knows I'm a nurse !) oh well. Thanks for reading... I often wonder if anyone else has the same depressing issue after her hysterectomy. The other website with the sisters is very vague and although very helpful getting ready for surgery, I don't find much support so far post op ( 5 years).

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3/11/14 8:50 P

How very nice of you, Ruth. Thank you for responding! Yes, I know you are right. In a few more weeks I'll be (hopefully) 100% released by my doc to resume working out and running. I've been a member of Spark for a very long time, but have been very lax about taking advantage of all the resources. I have great intentions but lousy followthrough.

Thanks again for your thoughtful reply!

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3/11/14 4:51 P

I don't have any answers for you.... I just didn't want you to think that no one had read your post. I did a quick search here on Spark for a hysterectomy team and found that it doesn't seem active.

The only thing I can say is.... sometimes when a person gets past the initial recovery stages and moves on, to being able to resume more of their activities.... the "need" for a specific support group just isn't there like it was in the beginning, when you're still experiencing "shock and awe" and a lot of restrictions. It *could* be that after a certain amount of time post-op, people just sort of wander back into the mainstream?

At any rate, there's a lot of really good resources here on Spark, for the problem you mentioned of eating too much. I daresay there a lot of us who know ALL about that!

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3/11/14 9:28 A

I am 4 weeks post-op hysterectomy (LAVH) and I would love to connect with others in terms of nutrition and fitness support following illness or major surgery - doesn't have to be hysterectomy!

Can anyone recommend an ACTIVE message board or SparkTeam?

I am familiar with another big site on the web dedicated to hysterectomy sisters, and it is great for those preparing, or just coming out of this scary surgery - however - the threads there tend to focus more on the negative than I'd like... when fitness is mentioned, "REST" is the reply; when nutrition is mentioned, I get "don't worry about it' - and rightly so for those in the early days of recovery. But for those of us feeling better and getting the okay from our docs to do more, it is frustrating.

I am recovering well. My energy has returned and I am walking a LOT. However, I have developed the habit of eating too much, too, and it's hard to stop. I needed to lose 30-40 pounds before surgery, and I am terrified of gaining more weight because I'm not able to be as active as I once was, and my eating feels out of control.

Six months prior to surgery I was a hiker, horseback rider, and distance runner. I've run multiple half marathons and finished my first full marathon last May. I hope, in 2-3 more weeks, to get the go ahead to begin running again. I have my eye on a half marathon in late April - even if I have to walk most of it :)

Thanks! emoticon

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